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    Import reviews from duplicate product

    I agree that this would be a very helpful feature!
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    Display variation names

    One possible work around I found was to repeat the attribute name and variation in the description of the variation, so writing "Color: Black". And depending on your theme, this would be shown exactly where you want. My similar question was here, which was ignored as of now...
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    Add an extra instagram account

    There are many legitimate reasons for one business to have multiple Instagram account: and so on and so on.... Here's even a nice guide for OP on how to manage them...
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    Limit imports to shipping from a certain country

    Just to let others know, changing the Name of the attribute (specifically the one with the subtitle: Name for the attribute (shown on the front-end).) causes no issues for me even when I want to auto-fulfill the orders. They sync perfectly.
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    Hide "Ship From" and other useless Variations Front End

    No response from the team??
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    Creating unique attribute sets for each product at import

    Developers, could you please let us have the option in the Alidropship Woo plugin so that every time we import a product, that product receives a new unique set of attributes in the back end? Here is my situation: Let's say in Aliexpress the first product is "Bracelet" with the only Attribute...
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    Flatsome - Upload Review Pictures

    I had similar issues but I found a solution that works for me, here it is: I'm using Flatsome and a plugin called "Photo Reviews for WooCommerce". If I simply import reviews with the Alidropship Woo plugin, I can see the images attached to the reviews, however if I click the images the page goes...
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    Missing phone number causes a bug

    So I'm using Alidropship Woo plugin, and I discovered that if you don't put a default phone number in your own settings AND if the customer doesn't input a phone number, then if you click "Place order automatically", the product gets correctly added to your cart in Aliexpress, and on the next...
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    How to display both chosen variation thumbnail AND text?

    I would like to also ask (and in case it's not possible, kindly request a new feature) to be able to select whether or not we can show product variations as text or as [round] thumbnails on a product basis. So this means one product could have a text based variation (think about how many...
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    How to display both chosen variation thumbnail AND text?

    Hi, I'm trying to copy the system that Amazon uses for variation, which means customers on the mobile can see the text name of the selection they have made with the thumbnail image: However, on my store I can either have a nice thumbnail image or just text boxes for variations, this means the...
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    Importing and mapping a product with variations into multiple products in store

    The actual answer to my question can be found here, there is a "Duplicate" option found in each product once you import it, and you can remove variations after duplicating them:
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    How do I change the variation names or hide the alt tag popup showing the var. name?

    Go to your WP Admin page, from the left column select Products -> Attributes. Then choose the attribute you'd like to rename, and click "Edit". So you can safely rename the attribute that the customer sees, without changing anything in the back. Does that help?
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    Importing and mapping a product with variations into multiple products in store

    So my first issue is this: I want to import a product with (one or more sets of) variations, see this product as an example. I want to have a separate product in my store for each variation. So what is the current Alidropship Woo solution for importing a product with many variations and NOT...