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  1. seravi

    Google Search Console Warning

    Also here I have the same issue on my Google Search Console. But there are many people that having this issue if you Google it. I also found some fix but I'm not so technical so I hope the AliDropship will bring an update for this...
  2. seravi

    I am Aliexpress Top Brand seller, I WANT YOU!

    Thanks for your information, can you please send me more information and the URL.
  3. seravi

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Ahh that's why. Thanks for your help.
  4. seravi

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Yes thanks for your help. But another question why the Alidropship plugin doesn't say update the plugin?
  5. seravi

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Thanks for your reply but I found the problem. It was my Alidropship plugin version it was 0.9.23 just downloaded a clean Alidropship plugin version and than activated the the new theme and it's working.
  6. seravi

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Thanks for your reply, I have checked for the page.cart.php on the new theme but I can't find it. Also looked back to my old back-up theme there I can see the page.cart.php file and If I activate that theme it will work but I want to updated theme. I have also downloaded the theme clean from...
  7. seravi

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Hi Guys When I update my Davici theme to 0.12.3 I got an error on the page /cart Anyone has this problem too? and how to fix this? Warning: require_once(page.cart.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home4/username/domains/ on line...
  8. seravi

    What payment gateway to choose

    Thanks Victoria for the reply. Another question. I need a credit card for this Stripe?
  9. seravi

    What payment gateway to choose

    I've a question I'm using the Ali Dropship plugin now for almost 1 months but I'm using alone the PayPal for payment. Has anyone other options for me I live in The Netherlands but the shop is worldwide. So which payment are more preferred ?
  10. seravi

    How to secure your WordPress store?

    Thank you for this, I was just searching for a good protector.
  11. seravi

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Nice Keep going Kingpin! Do you get all your traffic from FB ?