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    Slider issue What is the Exact Size (Rembrandt) theme

    Hello I m having Rembrandt theme i have problem with slider issue please give me the exact size that work fine on desktop mobile both thanks
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    instagram witget not working Rembrandt

    i have same problem still
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    Facebook 273k Page For sell with 1.14m Reach

    Hey Everyone I have Got 273k Facebook Page Hell Active 1.14m Weekly Reach now you can think how active the page is, Reason why i'm selling is That page is Brazilian and i m not into Brazilian products let me know if any one want to buy page :) you can look weekly 5k page likes :) this is how active
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    Pop up Discount

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    Pop up Discount

    thats what i asked
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    Pop up Discount

    hey i want something on my store when user come they get a popup get discount now 30% of something can any one suggest me any app like that ?
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    Restrict Discount Code Usage to One Time Per User

    @ it is avbl on marketing-> discount option :)
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    3 issues , payment, contact, and userlogin

    I have solved the 3rd issue
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    3 issues , payment, contact, and userlogin

    Hello i am new to alidropship i'm having some issues first the payment method i have setup the payment method strip , it is not working i dont knw why. second issue is about the contact us page , when ever i m submitting any thing on contact page it is moving to thankyou page , which is not...