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  1. Jasin555

    Shipping Options table not populating

    Thankyou, it worked. I got the options. But there's still some problem. I set the paid shipping, but it is not adding the shipping amount to the actual amount, not on: customer Info cart, shipping options, payment info steps.
  2. Jasin555

    Shipping Options table not populating

    Mine too. I cannot create new, or even default options.
  3. Jasin555

    Facebook Restriction and Disabled

    Always attach 2-3 Fb ids to one Business manager for backup. Fb has gone crazy and is restricting people's accounts without any provided reason. They are implementing mass AI that has glitches. Marketers are so angry that FB is shutting down their accounts at this Q4 Peak time. Make new Fb...
  4. Jasin555

    Issue regarding Shipping cost Display

    Hi everyone, I am using paid shipping on my store. The issue is that it is shown initially on the order summary page, added to the product price where the customer is asked to fill the shipping address. Next step is "continue to shipping method". and I want to show shipping cost on that page...
  5. Jasin555


    Crashed my site with a fatal error. Fb Business catalog contradicting with Ads SEO Image Optimizer plugin. PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare zeon() (previously declared in /home/*****/public_html/wp-content/plugins/adsfbcatalog/adsfbcatalog.php:184) in...
  6. Jasin555

    How to handle this fraud

    Happened with me few months ago. You cannot do anything about it. It's called email spoofing where some fraud sellers use your website name, emails on confirmation, payment receipts etc. to fraud people. The result is people inquiries about not getting their items. I suggest you to just Ignore...
  7. Jasin555

    Luckyorange or any other plugin to check customer behavior?

    Video recording by Hotjar can be another good option. Try it. It is limited to 100 recordings in free plan, but you can get an initial idea if something on the page that distracts the customer away.
  8. Jasin555

    Facebook Pixels

    I am also having tracking issues. All metrics are different on Google Analytics, facebook ads metrics and actual sales. I'm using fb business addon.
  9. Jasin555

    Visitor statistics is deference between traffic report & facebook pixel

    Have same problem. + Also on Google analytics. Sales are not tracked properly by pixel and analytics. (Alidropship original + Da Vinci 2) - using Facebook business ad-on for pixel & GA enhanced Ecommerce ad-on for Google analytics)
  10. Jasin555

    How are you managing Chinese New Year effects?

    Better not to sell during holidays, if you are shipping from China. Because it will took forever to deliver.
  11. Jasin555

    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    May I know what were the minor issues please?
  12. Jasin555

    Checkout form Bug: Loader keeps on spinning

    PM sent yesterday. Please have a check @Ekaterina Sayapina
  13. Jasin555

    Checkout form Bug: Loader keeps on spinning

    Hello everyone, I have a problem at my checkout form. When someone fills out credit card details and put something by mistake and want to re-edit, they are not able to do that again. (See attached Image) The Button spinner keeps spinning and does not refresh itself(hide). So, the user is not...
  14. Jasin555

    Mail notifications not working after recent Update.

    Hi, My email notifications are not working after the Thursday plugin update. Order confirmations, payment confirmations etc., none of them. I have checked all settings, all were same as before and were working fine till yesterday, i updated to latest version. What can i do, any possible...
  15. Jasin555

    SEO Image Optimizer (BETA) - Improve website speed and SEO ranking

    Working great on my end. My Images are not on my server except featured images and variation images, so the compression is minor as I had used Smush Pro before. But it did a great job changing alt tags, and renames.
  16. Jasin555

    SEO Image Optimizer (BETA) - Improve website speed and SEO ranking

    I would like to test as well @Yaros
  17. Jasin555

    Have you checked your checkout flow using hotjar or lucky orange?

    I track using Hotjar. I am getting many drop-offs from checkout page. and still figuring out what it is. Have tried everything like changing shipping text, payment page texts etc. People takes time to fill everything and then fly away after payment page. I have tested the payments working fine...
  18. Jasin555

    Abandoned cart add-on bugs

    This need a fix. My mails are also not going. Just random.
  19. Jasin555

    First sale!

    Congrats. Hope you will get more. Keep working! :)
  20. Jasin555

    Abandoned Cart issueI have

    I too have same problem. Running Facebook ads, getting many add to cart, Initiate checkouts. Customers filling out whole details and then ABANDON ALL at shipping page (shipping is free) and some at Payment page. All trust seals are there by default. I am using both papal and stripe. Didn't...