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  1. Julius Suralta

    What is Sellika and how it works

    Hi and hello, any update of the product and how much?
  2. Julius Suralta

    hi bro... i am using flatsome also for my store. my site is - what's...

    hi bro... i am using flatsome also for my store. my site is - what's yours?
  3. Julius Suralta


    Future features to consider if possible. Under MAIN SETTINGS -> DISPLAY OPTIONS. Please consider allowing us to provide the POST ID of posts or Pages that we don't want the ADD-ON (RECENT POPUP) to popup there. Why? What if i am creating a SALES PAGE (landing page) as my promotion for a...
  4. Julius Suralta


    Urgency is not at the center. It is left justified. I am using flatsome woocomerce. Can you give some CSS script to make it at the center? Thank you
  5. Julius Suralta

    PAYNAMICS - Payment Gateway for Philippines

    Hi, i started a new site with FLATSOME and woo now. Can you please recommend the plugins that i can use together with this theme (FLATSOME) and ALIDROPSHIPWOO? And if possible (if its okay), some advice on what i should be looking at some challenges that you might already encounter and fix...
  6. Julius Suralta

    Currency switcher for WOO

    Hi, please send also the CURRENCY SWITCHER - i am using alidropshipwoo. I dont like the switcher.
  7. Julius Suralta

    importing photos

    Ok, so with that ALIEXPRESS Logo that are in there means items are not in my server. Thank you guys for clarification.
  8. Julius Suralta

    importing photos

    First was, in the Product Images under General settings. All of them (featured, gallery, variation & product description) was not tick mark. I import 4 items. But i turn on delete all products when remove. then i went to media and i saw lots of images from the item i have imported. So i went...
  9. Julius Suralta

    importing photos

    Guys, good morning from Dubai. I am new to woo and i am still learning. I am using flatsome as a theme. Question related to this topic or not. But my challenge is also about photo imports. When i import a product; all photos link to it are also imported. In alidropship orig (not woo version)...
  10. Julius Suralta

    PAYNAMICS - Payment Gateway for Philippines

    Thanks.... what is the theme you are using in WOO COMMERCE. If we migrate, our products and product category configuration will be retain. Thanks...
  11. Julius Suralta

    GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE - Missing field "offers"

    Hi, i hope that this can be added in the next update of ALIDROPSHIP plugins. This issues has been identified by GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE as WARNINGS!!! Here's the full email from GOOGLE... ----------------------------- Search Console Products issues detected on To the...
  12. Julius Suralta

    PAYNAMICS - Payment Gateway for Philippines

    I am hoping that ALIDROPSHIP would add this in their PAYMENT GATEWAY facility. I like the themes that they have and i dont want to start all over again.
  13. Julius Suralta


    Issues fixed. Thanks Nadezhda. Hope new features of this add-on can help us more dissect/manage our suppliers.
  14. Julius Suralta


    Hi, its almost a week that i have reported this issue. Any update?
  15. Julius Suralta

    [Group Buy] Adsector Annual CLOSED

    I am interested too...
  16. Julius Suralta

    PAYNAMICS - Payment Gateway for Philippines

    Hi, Can you please add PAYNAMICS ( ) Payment gateway in the Philippines. Thank you...
  17. Julius Suralta

    The El Greco theme (BETA)

    Hi, Can we have the below features present in RUBENS THEME? Homepage Features: - Most popular categories (upload an image and add category description) - Homepage testimonials (customer reviews) - Trustpilot widget - Store features (Homepage, Single product page) Single Product Page Features...
  18. Julius Suralta

    ALIDROPSHIP Google Chrome Extension pickup everything

    this has been rectified. My bad, it was an option in the plugin that i turn on. Thank you support....
  19. Julius Suralta


    Good morning, i still dont have update on this. Pls update us ASAP!