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  1. Thai Anh

    Google Conversion Script? Possible?

    How's the plan going? Has it worked yet @Yaros
  2. Thai Anh

    SEO Image Optimizer (BETA) - Improve website speed and SEO ranking

    @Yaros I have PM for you but have not received a reply? Can i test it? I have some knowledge using wordpress
  3. Thai Anh

    [Issue] Post lost items

    I am having a problem with order My customer emailed me that their local post office lost the item and would compensate if it provided the invoice. The problem is that if I create an Aliexpress invoice, it will be the real price and the seller information, the Aliexpress logo. This will be...
  4. Thai Anh

    Traffic report always says 0 visitors since days dashboards

    Hi Issue is still the same , on 06 Dec screen always show 0 Visitors.
  5. Thai Anh

    The Raphael theme (BETA)

    Countdown time addon seems not applied to Raphael theme??
  6. Thai Anh

    Social Rabbit "The posting time randomizer"

    It looks like the new update has eliminated the random post time feature
  7. Thai Anh

    currency coverter is down..

    Open the web browser and press Ctrl + Shift + I, the Console tab. Take pictures of it and post it here. I can help you
  8. Thai Anh

    Single Product Promo Page (NOT AVAILABLE)

    Sent a message, want to test :)
  9. Thai Anh

    how to generate sales?

    Can you explain why you have more than 30k follow that only receive less than 100 like every photo on Instagram :)
  10. Thai Anh

    How do you guys advertise your products without anoying your audience?

    Hi Dylan, I see you quite hectic on the forum. Let's share more about you. How many of your follow in the Instagram account. Also, do you use any other social channels? Where do you come from?
  11. Thai Anh

    Social Rabit Instagram Login

    Are you logged in yet?
  12. Thai Anh

    AliDropship ver. UPDATE

    @Victoria Kudryashova Can you help me answer the question ???
  13. Thai Anh

    AliDropship ver. UPDATE

    There is an example of price to answer. For example: Three models of necklace 1. necklace no box: $15 2. necklace with box: $20 3. necklace Special line: $25 But when I add the color attribute to all products. The system automatically changes the price of three types of products is $15. Is...
  14. Thai Anh

    I Can't Login in Instagram

    Turn off verify phone and email bro.
  15. Thai Anh

    I Can't Login in Instagram

    From @Elena but still not work
  16. Thai Anh

    I Can't Login in Instagram

    Thank but still not work. You have a issue same ???
  17. Thai Anh

    I Can't Login in Instagram

    I tried to login instagram but failed with error "Please, enter your Instagram username and password" I entered the correct username and password but still error. Is there a way to fix it?
  18. Thai Anh

    Social Rabit Instagram Login

    try turn off verify SMS and Email
  19. Thai Anh


    I have a question about merchant google. 1/3 of my product was removed from the list due to inappropriate color attributes. Those products in the attribute are not as basic colors as white, black, blue, red, etc. But they are listed with colors as images. Is there a way to fix it