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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Quick Q: how can you host .GA (or any other free domains) domains and having access to Cpanel, FTP etc. ? Any particular host, or you host on your own ? Thx
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    Can't get a sale

    You'd better remove all your brand names figuring on your images otherwise you on;t sell a thing..the site is very cluttered...
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    A CHALLENGE: New Store New Strategies and WIll run NO ADS

    It might work if there are new products heavily advertised by others everywhere on the Net, and your prices are the lowest!!
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    STRIPE Checkout is not working :(

    did you log in to your STRIPE account and update it ?
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    Problems when checking out

    You purchased SSL certificate from your host or using free SSL ? Check in your cPanel if certificate is well installed.
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    Problems when checking out

    Have no idea where tihs PAGE NOT FOUND is coming from. Check if you specified THANK YOU page in site template (Customization) STRIPE requires https otherwise won't work. hope this helps.
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    Problems when checking out

    I've noticed that STRIPE empties all fields if the CC number is wrong. So I explicitly alerted my customers to double-check entered cc #. Hope this helps.
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    AliDropship ver. 0.9.10 UPDATE

    Fixed. Thx Yaros!
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    AliDropship ver. 0.9.10 UPDATE

    Sent to Thx. Milos
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    AliDropship ver. 0.9.10 UPDATE

    No LEAVE A REVIEW form shows up. I have DaVinci latest update 0.9.20. and the latest plugin (non-woo) installed. Also the dropdown menu on home page does NOT open automatically as it did before updating DaVinci to 0.9.20. Please advise ASAP. Thx. Milos
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    AliDropship ver. 0.9.10 UPDATE

    Hi Yaros, how to add a comment ? I don't see that's possible after updating... Please advise. Thx
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    Major Flaw in both plugins

    Thx Yaros. If this is the proper solution, let's update the plugin with a feature in ORDERS allowing you to enter & save URL of the chosen product & seller, and perhaps automatically create a product listing. Just a thought....Thx
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    Traffic Report still blank

    My Traffic Stats shows 34 users for July 7 2017 (tomorrow).....
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    Major Flaw in both plugins

    Why I don't like auto-updates ? in 99% of cases there's always going to be a glitch or a bug, no matter how well s/w is designed. Therefore what I do is: 1. I disable all updates 2. if I get an order for a product already removed from ALiExpress, I search the same product for another seller...
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    I suggest a crop tool on edit so we can remove QR codes & Store Names

    The other option is to choose to UPLOAD IMAGES TO YUOR SERVER in Settings -> General. Therefore all images will point to your domain and NOT to AliExpress. Of course make sure you have enough space on your server ...:). Not a good practice to have cross sources No way to get ridg of QR or any...
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    Stripe Payment not accepting cards after upgrade/update

    I have SSL installed on all my sites, it's Firefox ver. 53 that does not allow to enter CC #
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    Stripe Payment not accepting cards after upgrade/update

    This issue has nothing to do with's a bug..but thx for the tip
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    Stripe Payment not accepting cards after upgrade/update

    STRIPE -> Just found out that STRIPE's CARD text field is disabled in Firefox ver. 53 -> cannot enter CC # in the field ....working OK in all other browser... Who's using Firefox nowdays ? But still....
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    Auto ordering getting stuck at "Checking your shopping cart"

    Me too...I have no confidence in any of the plugin's automated features
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    AliDropship Version 0.9.9 UPDATE

    ...and STRIPE is now working...thank you.