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  1. StanHansen

    Male cologne niche

    Never tried. Remember to always focus on creating a quality product and building a strong brand identity.
  2. StanHansen

    Dropshipping Jewelry Store

    One of the main products of stores with an Orthodox theme is a golden (Orthodox) cross.. All products are made of 585 gold. There are samples of red and white gold, on which the cross itself is made of red gold, and the figure of the crucified Christ is made of white. There are crosses made only...
  3. StanHansen

    10K+ Valid proxies - Realtime API - Juproxy

    What's the advantage of these proxies over VPN (including premium accs)? I was banned in one of the online games for no reason and the support team didn't wanna help. I have done nothing wrong, but my IP address is banned anyway. Some people say that they ban the majority VPN IP addresses. At...
  4. StanHansen

    Question about buying a premium store

    Depends on your own management. If you're ready for a premium store, for its management, that it will be profitable. If you're clueless, then you won't sell anything on any platform. I personally got a premium store a couple of months ago and thought that I made a mistake. It was really hard to...
  5. StanHansen

    Youtube Video in gallery product not working...

    I read the whole thread and still can't figure out what this guy really meant, lol. But in fact, I noticed that I'm not the only one who has such troubles with youtube. For example, the auto-quality of youtube vids has become really low and I don't understand why. My PC is new and the internet...
  6. StanHansen

    General Liability Insurance - North America Suppliers

    The same thing happens in Australia as our companies don't want to have any relations with chinese manufactured products. It's all because of politics and we have to suffer now. It was hard for me to find a good insurance company with satisfying services at the moment. Lucky for me, I visited...
  7. StanHansen

    Make money

    Dropshipping isn't dead at all. I know people that make a lot of money in that field.