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  1. gajesss

    Help Wanted: Store Manager

    Hi still available position?
  2. gajesss

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    H Hi sent you PM
  3. gajesss

    How to generate sales, Premium store

    Hi I have been on two weeks of running deopshipping store. Anyone ,tips how to get a sales and return of investment? Already avail also the sellika subscription. I have been doing organic traffic through facebook and IG Also doing paid traffic on Facebook ads Tips how to generate sales. I am...
  4. gajesss

    SEO starter pack services Follow ups

    Hi Its been two weeks the support team not yet responded on my purchase of SEO starter pack
  5. gajesss

    Tracking reports on my sale

    oh but test order is disabled on my setting,,
  6. gajesss

    Tracking reports on my sale

    i didn't make test order
  7. gajesss

    Tracking reports on my sale

    Hi why I have like $1.4K sales this month but in reality I have just received one order for the last 30 days
  8. gajesss

    Sellika Help on my niche

    Hi I have a mother and baby niche premium stores, Also I have put the family essential niche Can someone help what to up a words the following; Stop list title Item specifics