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  1. ibrendan


    The product ID's no longer match, therefore all the data collected through years of advertising on Google is lost. This is a real problem for me. I would rather use a buggy version of the plugin that gives me the right ID as it's way too much work to try and download the xml, , convert it to...
  2. ibrendan


    I tried regenerating product feed again and made no difference. This happened once before. What could cause this? Can you send me a download link for the rolled back version of the plugin?
  3. ibrendan


    Hello, The lates update has changed all my product IDs which as broken my ad campaigns. Number was XXXXX now its XXXXX-XX-XXXX Is there a way to fix this?
  4. ibrendan

    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    Thank heaven - I was trying to figure out what was going on with my orders. It's really hard to be profitable when you're losing 30% on an order.
  5. ibrendan


    Agree with you completely.
  6. ibrendan

    Admitad Cashback Not Working

    Same problem here with Admitad - been like this for two months.
  7. ibrendan

    Best Payment Gateway to use in South Africa ?

    Take a look at 2checkout with payment via Payoneer.
  8. ibrendan

    driving traffic to make sales

    Try and imagine shopping off your site. The key to making sales is to empathise with your shopper. Look at it critically. Is it easy to navigate? can you get a good look at the products? Is there enough information to make an informed purchase decision? Would you trust this site enought to make...
  9. ibrendan

    How Can I Display a "Discount Banner"?

    You could use the promo banner plugin -
  10. ibrendan

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.6 - UPDATE

    Hi Victoria, Thanks for the update - this is an excellent feature. Unfortunately I'm getting the error "tracking hasn't received" I'm looged in to Aliexpress, cleared my cache, not sure what else to do...
  11. ibrendan


    Great suggestion! Have been doing this manually up until now and its a mission.
  12. ibrendan

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.4 - UPDATE

    Thank you :)
  13. ibrendan

    AliDropship Themes Update

    Hi Ekaterina, how do I update the theme manually? It's not showing up in updates.
  14. ibrendan

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.4 - UPDATE

    Hi Victoria, Just to let you know: updating from within wordpress downloaded the wrong php version (7.2 instead of 7.1) Both of these versions seem to be 7.2. Is there php 7.1 available?
  15. ibrendan

    Funnel Sales

    So this is what I do, my results have been ok...ish. Plugins I use are alidropship abandoned cart, mailchimp and mailmunch. There are 3 basic funnel scenarios that are relevant to me. A. Customer purchased (the object here is to alleviate buyers remorse and encourage repeat purchase) 1...
  16. ibrendan

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.1 - UPDATE

    Thank you, I will check.
  17. ibrendan

    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.1 - UPDATE

    Hi Victoria, Something I've picked up is the "proceed with selected variation" option in the place order automatically dialogue is not showing up. This means we have to place orders manually on some items. Best regards, Brendan
  18. ibrendan

    The product is not available for purchase ?

    I have the exact same issue - I am placing orders manually now. There used to be an option that said "proceed with selected variation" that has gone away.
  19. ibrendan

    Admitad Cash Back Not Workng

    I have no idea. I think the problem still exists though - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - not sure why.
  20. ibrendan

    Davinci2.0 - The Phone icon on shopping-cart/ can not be removed

    Apologies - Ekaterina (embarrassed face)