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  1. Durim

    How to NOT import link to other websites during import process

    This topic is a bit old but since I keep getting problems with the css code after an update, I thought I might help someone later. if there is anyone who keeps having problems with removing the aliexpress links after an update, don't use css code anymore, use this code: add this code in...
  2. Durim

    AliDropship Chrome extension generates many requests and blocks the products importing

    If someone still has the problem, you can fix it with just "CMD" 1. Start CMD (if you don't know what cmd is google it) 2. Enter the following: ipconfig/release (click enter) 3. Then enter this: ipconfig/renew (click enter) you should now have access to aliexpress.
  3. Durim

    Alitools (Joom, Aliexpress,Asos)

    Hello community. Maybe one or the other knows the Alitools browser plugin. With the plugin you can find a good seller on Aliexpress and you can also see from which seller joom buys and sells. joom is a successful dropshipper, it makes it look like joom has the sellers on the platform but you...
  4. Durim

    AliDropship Original Themes Update

    my website broke after a theme update (davinci 1.5.0) can you help me because the support team is busy.
  5. Durim

    I need an honest opinion from someone with more experience

    I have exactly that problem myself, the difference is that I have spent over $ 600 and no sales, plus $ 289 server fees every month. but I see it positively :), every well-running business is first minus instead of plus and then things go uphill :)
  6. Durim

    Dropshipping Succesful Store

    Hi can i see your sales statistics? and your website?