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  1. abragred

    VAT (Value Added Taxes) for EU to be calculated after discounts

    I've heard about it, but I haven't been able to figure it out. How does it work anyway?
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    Import reviews written only in English

    Sometimes this creates a problem, but I would not jump to conclusions. Most online platforms are based in English. So I think it's worth improving your skills in this business and understanding at a glance. That's what I did when I needed a higher level of English so I had to Edit My Paper promo...
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    Beauty & Health store for sale

    Like they said above, people try to sell things and buy the things they need. This is the way life goes. I also plan to go into this business, but I can't yet decide on the field. Cosmetics and care products sound profitable. This program is similar to Help Care. I think your software is very...
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    Can I start dropshipping business with $500

    It's not a small amount of money to be able to find a profitable dream business. When I started my investment adventures, I only had $250 in my pocket. It's not the right amount of money to make a million bucks quickly, but it's a great start. You need to use the proper techniques, tools, and...
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    Organic growth and sales

    First, it is necessary to understand the exact picture of events in order to make the strategy work better. I propose to use help from services that specialize in these issues. I'm talking about services like I cited this example because I've had experience working...
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    Movie related products,copyrights problems ?

    There can be no problem with copyrights if you know exactly how to use additional tools. I am now talking about the pirate bay torrents, which are a fairly important resource in this matter. That is why I have to pay attention to more interesting details not to miss anything useful to me. I have...
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    best winning/product research software

    With such goals, it is essential to find the right collateral. You are entirely right about that. I've been trying to find it for months now, but nothing suitable has come to my hand so far. The only thing I use now is softorbits which have many valuable features. I used not even to be...
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    Mentor... you never know.

    I will be glad to help you through this difficult path. I have many years of practice and a lot of experience so that I can give you a lot of helpful advice. Write to me. If you need a Tutor in a specific direction, you can find such a specialist at the services that offer such proposals. I am...
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    I wrote it as a thread in SEO and still have no response.

    Are you sure you should put "-" in the code?
  10. abragred For sale

    I've heard so many times about SBDs, but I didn't even know they were prescribed to animals. Is this normal? I mean, humans are healthier than dogs or cats. It is this conclusion that tells me it is not customary to give animals CBDs. It's bullying them. If I have a backache or a long headache...
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    WordApp (Mobile App) Plugin for Wordpress

    I'm surprised that everyone here is talking about this app, but none of the vendors have mentioned text message marketing yet. I use it regularly in my work with clients, and I think it's an advantageous invention. It works in the app, which makes it more reliable to send to the right recipient...
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    How I got my first sales with Google Shopping with no experience in E-com and digital marketing {with detailed reports}

    Thanks for sharing this report with us. It was very interesting for me to read about such a great sales experience on e-commerce. I also tried to do something similar, but it didn't work out for me. That is why I had to find other ways to learn more details about this business. It took me a long...
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    Problem With SEO | Can Anyone Give A Hand Please ?

    This is quite a strange situation because I tried the same thing and all my tasks ran quickly and easily. I think the problem may not be with the code but with your device. You should reconsider this option and restart your device. SEO is a reasonably easy thing to do if you use the right tools...
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    I Need Several People To Post Gigs On My Site.

    I would agree to participate in your offer if it were still available. I've worked in quarantine in this line of work so that I can be very helpful to you. I'm really looking for a job right now that would help me find a living wage. I am considering remote jobs and Defence Jobs in India because...
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    AliDropShip Woo compatibility with WordPress 5.5.1

    The same here. Thank you for sharing this solution.
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    My first dropship store - what to expect

    You're right. This is the first and almost the most essential business project that any of us have gone through in our lives. I've had a lot of these situations because I've tried to find the best fit for me. In business, it's important to have an investment. Sometimes this money is borrowed...
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    How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

    Your advice seems very useful to me, so I will definitely try them on my own experience. I plan to develop my Instagram account in order to be able to have prosperity there. I almost do it thanks to the help from This service helps to accumulate subscribers for free...
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    Adding Bitcoin to Stripe

    Bitcoin is amazing! This currency has really changed the whole perception when we are talking about money. 10 years ago, this had seemed something out of movie theatres, but now everyone knows about cryptocurrencies. There are even casinos like where you are able to play...
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    US based Supplier(3D Printed T-Shirt)

    Amazon has come to a good supplier. Make sure that you are reading many reviews about different companies and the most important thing is to test the material quality. There is this method called heat transfer vinyl wholesale where you are able to make some quality prints and I am sure that it's...
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    Jewelry, Sunglasses, Watch , baby Accessories store site for sell

    I would love to buy from you! We are expecting our second child and I am 100% sure that we will need to buy different items for him. I was talking with my wife and we were thinking about which clothes our baby will need and we still don't know. We were thinking about buying some of them from...