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    the CPU usage high when i import high number of products from aliexpress

    when I am importing products from aliexpress , I am getting an error data connection message. my host support tells me that the server handle high process loading in the severs cause the direct import of products from aliexpress. anybody know how to fix this problem, maybe I must set up the...
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    extension-import products

    I want to know if when I click in the green bulk import in the top right side in aliexpress, did I must wait for the import or I can go to another page and continue import more products. and also if I click the green bulk import and close the aliexpress window did the progress will continue to...
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    alidropship extension

    when i go to direct import from aliexpress. in the head in the dropdownlist categore box. the drop down list categories did not show all the categories in my wp site. there is categories missed did not appear in the list. any one face problem like this can help with that
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    delete products images

    hey for all... i have delete all my products. and my products list is empty now in my wordpress woocommerce site. but the images of the products did not deleted. it is still show in the media. how can i delete it all via SQL code.
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    SEO Image Optimizer (BETA) - Improve website speed and SEO ranking

    I want a license key, please