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    Your Thoughts On Social Rabbit ( feedback )

    Hi Social Rabbit keep on deducting from my account even if i deactivated it.??? How to unsubscribed social rabbit? I am also closing my store..
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    Close my Dropshipping Store

    Hi, Can anyone help me how to close my drop shipping store . I want to change my niche. I want to close it first before starting the new one. Thanks
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    Filipino Dropshippers, Anyone?

    Yup.. lahat ng gagawin mo all business.. goodluck!
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    Filipino Dropshippers, Anyone?

    Hi I am using sendgrid.. goodluck on your new store.
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    Database error

    Hi,, can someone help me.. i can't open my WP and Website.. it gives me the error.. " Error in Establishing Database Connection" ..
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    Paypal stopped accepting payments

    Hi, i just found out that paypal stop processing payment on my site and its because they are upgrading the system. And they said that it is very high in technical nature so the web hosting company or the developer are the one's in charge with this. I need help from aliexpress since i bought...
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    I cannot activate my dashboard, it directs me always to license key.

    Hi Ekaterina.. it's okay now.. i just don't know what happen.. Suddenly it was disconnected even my google analytic was disconnected. May be you can help me with another problem. I am processing orders in Russian website... it keeps on directing me into this site even if changed into global site.
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    I cannot activate my dashboard, it directs me always to license key.

    I cannot activate my dashboard, it directs me always to license key. When I am typing the license key it is not saving. What happen to my pluggin? Can someone help me.
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    Payment gateway for Ghana and West Africa

    Hi Victoria, I only have the secret word of my admin, should i copy the the Publishable Key and the Private Key together? what name should i put under the Credit Card? Should i leave it blank? I set up the 2checkout for the credit card. Should i integrate also the rave payment? The Rave...
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    Filipino Dropshippers, Anyone?

    Hi.. i am . I started mine few weeks ago
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    Payment gateway for Ghana and West Africa

    Hi, Victoria I will try to integrate this. Can you help me in case i need one?
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    No payment gateway for srilanka?

    how about payment gateway to ghana and some countries in west africa
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    Urgent: Payment gateway

    i also have this issue
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    Payment gateway for Ghana and West Africa

    i have problems to with Ghanaians buyer.. they can't purchase from my store...
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    Payment gateway

    I have issues with payment coming from Africa, they are only allowed to use mobile money for payment. Any suggestions or comment regarding this?
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    Filipino Dropshippers, Anyone?

    Hi.. i have my google analytics integrated in my dashboard, but i need someone who can tell me what do you mean by " Total events by events category " , event action , event label..? Do you know this by chance?
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    Filipino Dropshippers, Anyone?

    Any one who is an expert in google anlytics??? I need a little explanation here...
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    Need help in understanding Google Analytics

    Hi.. i am new in this buss and also new learning goggle analytics. I am tracking my events category. I noticed that i have few on the proceed to check out and proceed to pay . I can’t seem to find this value anywhere in my dashboard. Or on the other hand if they just proceed to cart and not to...
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    Social Rabbit error

    I have issue with srp.. my instagram always gets blocked after 10 mins of used!!
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    How do i stop social rabbit posting old already posted images?

    Hi again.. i think something is wrong with Social Rabbit. My first intagrams account was hacked. i cannot access it anymore when i started using social rabbit. I deactivated SR for 2 days and created a new intagram account. The minute i activated SR again and log in to my new intagram...