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    Paypal checkout now accepting bitcoin,bitcoin cash,ethereum and litecoin

    thanks. yes you are right.Paypal will convert the crypto to fiat on the fly when user made the payment.
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    Paypal checkout now accepting bitcoin,bitcoin cash,ethereum and litecoin

    Good news! Just saw the news today at @Yaros Hopefully alidropship plugin can be updated with the coins image alongside visa and mastercard.
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    Bitcoin payment is accepting XRP,BTC,ETH,EUR and USD. Not sure whether this is already available in the woocommerce payment setting of alidrophip woo plugin.
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    Accepting cryptocurrency payment in alidropship plugin

    Discovered that is accepting payment in cryptocurrency (XRP,BTC,ETH) and also fiat (EUR,USD). Not sure whether this is readily available in current alidrophip woo plugin via the woocommerce payment since i dont have the woo plugin...
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    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    @Victoria Kudryashova I noticed that Upsell plugin is deactivated after updating Alidropship plugin. It also happened on previous update.
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    Plugin to display/hide/redirect product page based on visitors country

    I'm looking for plugin that can block/redirect or display message to visitor that coming from certain countries to any selected product page. Currently I'm using plugin Custom Content by Country which can only hide / display message on the product description by using shortcodes. The Buy Now...
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    Gallery posting

    I understood the usage of %HOMEURL%. However there is no method if for example we have specific url to target such as if user click on the picture or title of the pin in pinterest. Currently we can manually change the url after it has been posted.
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    Gallery posting

    Hello, Question 1: A bit confuse on media gallery in social rabbit (in setting) vs the Wordpress media gallery. Deleting pictures in social rabbit media galley will not delete the same picture in wordpress media galley, correct? Question 2: Is there any method to embed specific url (other...
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    Setting of "Tracking Service"

    What I understood is the setting only applicable for the tracking ID link in email notification. If you want to embed tracking page on your website you may use [ads-track] code or use widget at .
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.8.8 - UPDATE

    Dear @Victoria Kudryashova and team, I'm not updating the plugin yet until the team can confirm that this is not a common problem.
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    /track-your-order/ page - issue

    @Victoria Kudryashova I already done that. That setting only impact the link in the email notification. My concern is the track your order page that is created using the [ads-track] code. By default the [ads-track] only support I found a solution from trackingmore at...
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    /track-your-order/ page - issue

    @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova I received many complaints from customer that the does not give the tracking info. This sometimes leads to refund claim from customer. I have no problem with Is it possible to change the track your order page to
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    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    ok. Does that mean previous calculations (before plugin update) are omitted this case? Regards
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    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    hello, Thanks for the update. However my supplier cost became $0.00 after plugin update. Is that normal?
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    Hi @Victoria Kudryashova I'm currently setting up the GA enhanced ecommerce in google analytics. according to . In the step to create funnel, the information is not the same as in current setting in GA. It just required the...
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    Before I wanna buy that plugin. I need some help at template -> shortcodes

    I'm currently setting up the blog section and trying to figure out what is the best shortcodes to use for each of the social media post. 1. Will the %TAGS% include the tag that we added to the blog post? 2. For pinterest is it necessary to add the %URL% in order to include the link to the blogpost?
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    I'm getting 500 error and also difficult to login WP admin panel after activating this plugin. Had to remove it. Currently my site using PHP7.2 and installed with Alidrophip,Social Rabbit and Google Merchant plugin.
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    Social Rabbit Add Meta Picture option for FB poster

    Hello Guys, Does anybody knows what the purpose of Add Meta Picture option in FB Poster section? The guide suggests to activate this "if you don’t have SEO plugin installed and Facebook doesn’t publish featured image". Not quite understand the FB featured image part.
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.6.14 - UPDATE

    Just to share that my problem resolved after upgrading to PHP7.2 and reinstall the new plugin according to the step at Once finished you may want to check your paypal payment settings. Mine was disabled...
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    How to upgrade Alidropship from 7.1 to 7.2+

    Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my Php to 7.2. The site already filled with products etc. What will happen to the settings and products that are already uploaded if i upgrade to php 7.2 since we have to delete the old plugin first before add the new plugin?