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    Did i break the trademark laws

    Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but yeah, if you do so, you might be sued. And trust me, you'll lose that case. You should avoid all these big brands because they hate it when someone tries to use their name to make money without their consent or getting anything out of it. My older brother has...
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    Taxes In Drop Shipping for LLC non resident owners

    Well, I don't know how does that works in your country, but in most countries, you still have to declare your income. I mean, whenever you'll want to buy a new house or something that costs more than 100.000 bucks, the government might come with some questions for you, like the origin of money...
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    American State Sales Tax

    I also think you might be wrong about the taxes. Taxes aren't treated the way you said. And P3DR0RTI2 has a good point saying that you have to contact an accountant to explain to you how the tax system is treated in general. If it's the way you have said, they are indeed committing a crime, and...
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    Is that website sold? It looks pretty familiar to me. I would also like to enquire about it. Such a great website for a price of 450 bucks is an incredible deal, so I'm ready to take it. However, I mentioned that some of the resources on your website don't really work. Moreover, sometimes it...
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    Converting ALIDS to Android.

    Wait, do you want your website to be available only for Android smartphones? Dude, that's pointless. I mean, the most popular smartphone in the world is the iPhone. So, if you want to make it exclusive for Android, you'll lose a lot of customers. I mean, even the Chinese market is already...
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    Make money with influencers

    Dude, that's a great idea! I have a friend that also called for some influencers to help him gain more customers. Well, after their help, his sales increased by more than 250%. That's pure insanity. Considering that people admire and listen to everything their idols say and promote, I'm almost...
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    Mens Fashion Store Packaging

    packaging is much more important than you think
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    AliDropship Woo Product Video

    You can use a simple video converter that will do everything for you. There are many websites on the internet where you can find a good video converter. But still, choose wisely for the best one if you don't want to a virus your computer. Free video converters usually can harm your computer...
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    I wrote it as a thread in SEO and still have no response.

    Dude, don't be so toxic. So what if the author is a rookie? He is a beginner, and he might need your advice! Why don't you help him if you're so good at it? I'm also a noob in search engine optimization. I only started to learn it a couple of weeks ago. So, master, if you could help me out and...
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    Is Content Necessary thing for eCOmmerce Websites?

    I have to disagree with GoLogin! Nowadays, the audience isn't that simple as it used to be. Now, we all need more stuff to see and touch. That's why even eCommerce Websites have to generate some sort of content. The more, or the better content you generate, the more people would be attracted by...
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    Paypal - personal vs business account?

    It seems to me that the future has already arrived. Now you can use a service that will forecast cash and a full report of the company's cash income and expenses. Also, this service can tell you about the health of your business and the future growth of the company. I work as a senior accountant...
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    Delivery to shipping address

    I think this company violates the law. If I were you, I would try to defend my customer rights. Many people do not try to use law in such cases, but it is the most effective way to make the company work better. When I ordered some expensive laptops from one of the sites, the logistics company...
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    Make money

    I'm not sure if you could make some decent amounts here. I have tried many different tactics before realizing that the only way is to rely on luck more than existing online business schemes. Dropshipping is ok, but it's that busy that it's impossible, to be honest, to be as profitable as one...