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    I noticed some bugs in the Rubens theme

    All of the bugs in the single product page. 1. The product details tab content don't always wrap it keeps going to the right of the screen. 2. When you collapse the tabs (product details, reviews, etc) the product images (in slider mode) moves with the tab (very annoying) and goes back to its place
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    Change 2Checkout Settings to be approved

    Hi, I got this message from 2chekout validation team: How do I change the payment settings to make them go to 2checkout instead of having my customers enter their payment details on my site. Thanks
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    Alishipping Not Working on Checkout

    Hi, I noticed when a customer clicks on the checkout it only shows the product price plus discounts but it doesn’t take the shipping amount, it appears on zero although I select a shipping method
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    2Checkout inline with paypal option bugged

    It says no items in the shopping cart and there are! Also the modal that carries this message is unable to close
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    Import reviews problem today

    It happened to me too :c
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    Nobody likes paypal?

    I am having multiple abandoned carts, I guess it's because I only have paypal enabled. Wanted to use Stripe but I cant because it doesnt support my country, what can i do?
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    Store for sale [Cheap]

    I have a niche store based on Flash Memory. It has products like Flash Drives, Memory Cards and SDDs. It has 2 blog posts explaining how the ordering process is, and the type of orders available. It has no sales at the moment! I'm selling because I have no time for it. The link of the store is...
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    Importing Reviews not working

    Hi, I have the same problem since the update of the alidropship plugin, the product update gets stuck, the reviews and the bulk update too. Weird thing is it seems to be working on the background but it shows no progress ( gets stuck on 1%).
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    SEO for product categories

    I see, thank you
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    SEO for product categories

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set the Meta Tags of the product categories as I noticed it has a predefined one, but don't know where to change it to set it to all categories automatically.
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    Custom Plugin Creation

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to ask for a custom plugin (add-on) for the Alidropship (Original not Woo) to the Alidropship Team, paying of course.
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    Not being able to do some changes to Raphael theme

    ahah didn't notice, thank you :D
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    Not being able to do some changes to Raphael theme

    HI :D I've been trying to set my site with Raphael Theme (So good) but I'm not being able to change "Site Title". What could be happening?
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    Licence reset

    I need to reset mine too, tried contacting support but not lucky