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    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.6.41 - UPDATE

    I want that too! In many products, freight is charged separately and currency exchange does not help to make a profit in the operation and can even generate losses because freight can rise according to the US dollar. Alishipping does not have the option to obtain a percentage magerm above the...
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    alishipping different currency exchange between product and shipping

    Friend I do not sell in US$. The problem is that whatever the currency is, the exchange rate is not the same. Alishipping and Alidropship Woo have different exchange rate. Thanks for trying to help me!
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    alishipping different currency exchange between product and shipping

    Look at the picture and understand the problem:
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    alishipping different currency exchange between product and shipping

    Alidropship Woo in its latest version is importing the products in the selected currency on the aliexpress website. But on alishipping the currency is converted using the currency converter of the alidropship woo plugin. This causes price differences according to the currency selected between...
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    Alidropship Woo Currency Switcher stopped working

    I also have this problem. Since the update in which all currencies appear on the panel, I am unable to obtain a 24-hour update. Every day I have to log into the admin and update manually. I used the original alidropship plugin and never had a problem with updating currencies. I hope the team...
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    Problem with updating currencies (Does not update every 24 hours)

    After updating to the latest version of alidropship woo, I am having problems with updating currencies, it is not working. I tried to disable and enable plugins and clear the cache, but it didn't work, before it worked every 24 hours. Does anyone have any tips?
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    Translate alidropship plugin original

    In WordPress Language
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    No carga las opciones de envío en productos. No funciona.

    I also have this problem. It hasn't worked since yesterday for me. I already sent the data of the site administrator. I wait for the solution because I paid for something that works and not for me to test and report problems
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    I will not say why you know that this forum is for solving problems and not discussing other companies that sell plugins. Want to find out, open google and search!
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    You're right, the alishipping plugin has problems. I did not identify on my website why I use it only in some countries, but when I add shipping to more countries your problem appears to me. So far I am happy because I am able to update quickly by sending only to a few countries. I hope the team...
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    I won't say, don't waste your time looking. Alidropship is better cost benefit and support than any other on the market! If you need help with the alidropship plugin I will help you!
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    The prices of the products in alidropship plugin work in a similar way to the alishipping plugin. In the case of products updates every 24 hours I have to open the browser for the plugin to update. In the case of freight I have to do it manually. This is a problem because both can be changed at...
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    When I'm in trouble I ask for help. I'm not ignorant! I will not waste my time with you. I hope you are humble and successful!
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    this is not true! For me it is working very well. Stop complaining and send your data to support. Stop it!
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    Okay, I just want to help!
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    My suggestion is: Disable all plugins and leave only alishipping and alidropship enabled. Update the shipping alishipping and see if it works. I use Alidropship Plugin Original and I can tell everyone that alishipping works much better now with this update. It is extremely fast! If you use the...
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    I went back to working with the alishipping plugin and the performance of the last version is more stable. Unlike you, for me it is updating much faster than before. The plugin is very good now! Thank you Dimitriy Strekalov! If I have a problem, I'll tell everyone here ok!
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    Hide/Remove Product Page Old Prices in Dali Theme

    Was with this problem friend and it is simple to solve. You go to the price formula, press the 3 dashes, activate the discount and put 0 and save. Then you do the price update. With that there is no discount and the word "You Save" at checkout also disables it...
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    New user registration error

    This error happened because your Sendgrid API, Sendinblue API or another email company that you are using to send transactional emails is wrong or has reached the email limit.
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    Aliexpress Products Update + Alishipping = Loss

    You helped me! Thank you again! Always free shipping is better and the formula recommended as I see it now.