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    Website with plenty of Alidropship addon plugins for Sale - SOLD

    Selling this website due to other business commitments that mean I no longer have time to maintain the site even though it has had sales. Products imported through in addition to hand selected through recommendations on Features: -319 (at the time...
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    Alidropship Updates not working

    Hi Victoria, Do I need also to login to the aliexpress page as that did not work?
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    Alidropship Updates not working

    Hi, I currently have 3 sites, 2 normal Alidropship and 1 woo version. None of the sites do any updates when I click the option within the menu. The first item appears however that is it. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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    Raphael Theme Home Slider Addition

    Hi guys, The Raphael theme is great and I really like the updated look and feel. Over the past week or so, it has been wild with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the regular product additions, corrections, updates and so on. I was thinking it maybe a really handy feature that shouldn´t be too...
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    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Secrets to Success

    OK before I get started I am going to mention a few people that I think and hope can shed light as to the best way to provide discounts and deals in the upcoming next few days and couple of weeks. Please don´t take it personally if I miss you off the list. So basically I am asking the best way...
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    Happy Birthday, Yaros!

    Happy Birthday @Yaros . Have a great day!
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    Optional Banner areas

    Hi Guys, I currently use the Rafael theme which is a great addition. I was wondering however if there was a way to incorporate a banner area or banner areas in places throughout the template so that we could, for example place affiliate banners or promote Black Friday offers, Xmas deals etc...
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    Raphael Update Issue

    Also while you are there can you double check if I have entered the Google Merchant Shipping information correctly as this is always tricky and your tutorials are really not detailed enough. They just say, this is a essential click this link, but the aliexpress shipping is not mainstream like...
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    Raphael Update Issue

    Hi guys, Since the last update of the theme it does not seem possible to update code in the Customization - Head section of the theme. I need to update the FB tracking codes in the theme but has not been possible. Any suggestions? @Ekaterina Sayapina
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    About Page Problem

    I do have admin rights on both sites and I can change all other settings and pages yes.
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    About Page Problem

    Hi, Can anyone help please? On both sites that I have, I have never once been able to update the about page. Whenever I change anything in the DaVinci theme (which is used on both sites) I get the following error: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /wp-admin/admin.php on this...
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    Social Rabbit 2.1.7 Update Issue

    Hi guys. Thank you that worked perfectly, the php version was already correct it was the actual update version that was the problem.
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    Social Rabbit 2.1.7 Update Issue

    Hi, Everytime on 2 separate sites I update Social Rabbit to the latest version the site goes down with an Error500. Why is this please? @Yaros @Elena Kind regards
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    Social Rabbit Plugin not working after update at all!

    I managed to get in contact with support who advised me to reset my account password for Pinterest and sure enough it worked immediately. Maybe you could try this @Mar ?
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    Social Rabbit Plugin not working after update at all!

    Hi @Ekaterina Sayapina I am having exactly the same problem as @Mar. I closed a store, opened a new one, got my Social Rabbit addon transfered courtesy of @Yaros however after checking my login on various browsers to ensure my password was correct, I still get "Sorry! Your request could not be...
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    GDPR Theme compliance

    Hi guys, I know there has been much talk about the GDPR issue that fast approaches the Europe and the rest of the world (if the want to do business in Europe), but I have a question about all the themes. There has been a blog article about GDPR however for those who use your themes will you be...
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    My first dropshipping store - feedback needed :)

    Very classy. Good luck with it.
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    Woo plugin & Wordpress Update failure (urgent)

    You should be able to access your FTP folder directly through your hosting company, Godaddy, 1&1 etc. or if you have cpanel or Plesk you would be able to access it through there.
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    Google merchant setup

    Completely agree. I gave up in the end, it was too much hassle and constantly got disapproved items, even after paintakingly going through each item and correcting colors etc.
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    New Update Causing Error 500

    Since updating to the latest version I now cannot update any product without geting an HTTP Error 500. I can place new items in, no problem at all but once in there is no way to update them. I have tried in multiple browsers to check if it was a problem with Chrome however same in all. Current...