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    what happen if i delete an attribute ?

    hello i have some products with (shipping from) attribute , if i delete it and i want to auto fulfill order i will be asked to chose it or what ?
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    Google Merchant Addon

    hello there's a problem with google merchant and woocommerce when you have different variants with different prices , google visite your site to make sure the submitted price in the feed is correct but woocommerce show the price range in the product page so google find it and detect that its...
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    Thread watched AliDropship Woo 0.8.9 UPDATE

    hello was there any problem with google merchant in the plugin ??
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    price rounding not working

    its resolved, I was working with Assign Cents and Rounding at the same time, I disabled rounding and its working now, I think you have to separate both settings so people understand that they are different options thank you
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    price rounding not working

    hello i have a problem with multiple rounding it always chose the lowest instead of choosing randomly !!
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    cant updates product.

    Hello do you still have this problem with siteground ? thnks
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    does alidropship plugin take much resource?

    hello i am at hostgator now and want to move to siteground do you still have problem with cpu ? thnks