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    Getting traffic but no sales

    Its really frustrating, in the past 7 days, i have had 189 visits, 3 abandoned carts, 0 sales after running series of ads on facebook and instagram. Who did i offend?, what more can i do to convert the visitors. I could use some help right now.
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    Abandoned Cart Code bug

    yes i have its working now
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    Abandoned Cart Code bug

    i tried testing my abandoned cart templates but the test mails are not delivering, i searched inbox and spam but i couldnt see this mail. would be a problem if sent to a customer as they may not see it, how do i solve this?
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    Product image not showing

    After editing products images from aliexpress, the featured images stop showing on my website after publish. is there a way to solve this issue?
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    How do i get my money back?

    I am totally disappointed with the customer service i get on alidropship. Nothing can beat human interaction, how can i pay money to get a service and i dont get support, when you send a message for support it takes hours/days/weeks,months, do you people even know that people are surviving and...
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    How to transfer DNS?

    sent you a private message
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    How to transfer DNS?

    Its obvious alidropship support is very discouraging, can any one help me to transfer my domain name to alidropship?
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    Good WooCommerce Theme Recommendation ?

    is the da vinci theme recommendable to use on WP and woo commerce?
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    Woo Themes

    Hello, i currently use divi theme, will the da vinci theme work for woo commerce?
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    Getting traffic but no sales

    Thanks for this feedback, i will work on it
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    Getting traffic but no sales

    I have a sunglass shop for 6weeks now. Within these 6 weeks, i ran 2 ADs which had 60 clicks and 48 clicks respectively. I had 2 cancelled order and 1 complete order with the first AD and that has been it. The first AD was targeted only to Nigeria while the second AD was targeted to 20 specific...