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    Cash Back

    Can anyone recommend the best cash back service please? Thanks
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    Abandoned Cart

    I have been able to upload the app Thank you
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    Abandoned Cart

    It is saying that my licence key is not found
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    Abandoned Cart

    I keep getting this error message Error! You installed AliDropship Abandoned Cart plugin for PHP 7.2, but your version of PHP is 7.1.24. Please download and install AliDropship Abandoned Cart plugin for PHP 7.1.24 or change you PHP version from 7.1.24 to 7.2
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    Abandoned Cart

    Yes, I have tried to install it but with out luck
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    Abandoned Cart

    Hi Which is the best abandoned cart app please? Thanks
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    mobile responsive

    my Alidropship store has not been made mobile responsive. I have explained this over and over that when I am viewing my site on y mobile half of the header banners are missing. They have done nothing about this and keep telling me its supposed to be like that, and if I want to make more changes...
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    How can I fulfill orders though my phone?

    Hi All I have an Alidropship website, I am not finding the team very helpful at the moment, they are also taking so long to respond to me. How do I fulfill orders through my phone? What app do I need? Thanks All