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    Davinci theme homepage countdown

    Hi, its renewed automatically when its reached zero. I think this solution is as good as the other when we can set the deadline. Because if i forget to renew it it will look like amateur. But with this way you dont need to fear that you forgot something.
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    Plugin doesn't has full functions for me

    Hi, first of all im not familiar with the woo plugin, but the method should be the same as with prebuilt themes. Your problem is NOT the tracking numbers. Your problem is that your sites doesnt get the order numbers after placing it on Ali. The method how it works is: you place orders in one...
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    Divi Builder with Alidropship plugin

    Hi guys, is anybody has experience with divi builder plugin+alidropship (original not woo)? Divi has a plugin also which made for use it with any theme based on wp. In theory these works together, but if somebody has experience with it please share with me. Thanks
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    Davinci theme homepage countdown

    Thanks you for the reply, yes i saw the settings inside the customization/home but did not found where should i reset the number of the remaining days till dealine. Maybe it will renew automatically when it expires but it will reveals in some hours so i will able to see what happens then. Thanks...
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    Davinci theme homepage countdown

    Dear Christina, thanks for your reply, unfortunately it's not that im looking for. Attached a photo which countdown i meaned in my post. Is it need to be set to exact days or is it renew automatically when it expires? Thanks
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    Please bring back the Abandon cart feature

    You are right its a plugin now, but maybe you dont saw that its free.
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    Davinci theme homepage countdown

    Hi guys, where can i find the settings for homepage countdown? In customization i can only set the words and check on/off. Where is the setting for the clock's deadline? Thanks
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    Chrome extension crashing with newest chrome

    +info: i found out that its only happens when i go to order page. It crashes after 5 sec or immediately if i open an order.
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    Chrome extension crashing with newest chrome

    Hello guys, im wondering if its only at my side or do anybody else faceing wiht it. My chrome updated today and since the chrome extension always crushes when i want to do anything. Chrome version is: 69.0.3497.81 Thanks Marton