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    I don't have Credit Card payments activated on my website

    Hello guys, I don't have "Company No" dont have "Tax Number". I dont have company registered nowhere. I have only have PayPal integrated as a payment gateway on my website. I see I'm loosing sales because of this. Do anyone know how to accept credit card payments without having a company...
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    Transition to PHP 7.1. and Zend Guard support termination

    I use PHP 7.0 and installed ioncube loader 7.0 successfully but when I try to upload alidropship plugin and activate , it says: Error! ionCube Loader Not found. Learn more. The plugin generated 288 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent”...
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    Chinese New Year(Spring Festival) - PROBLEM

    I've got a huge order yesterday. But there is a Chinese new year coming and in cause of this sellers changed there maximum days of processing time from 7 to 20. I have already ordered all of the items. @Yaros please suggest something how do you act in this situation? Biggest problem is that one...
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    Going towards my 4th week and not a single sell

    Definitely it is. Nobody want to wait for 20-30 days for the package to arrive but have you seen an item online that you really liked? Like boots, jacket phone case or whatever. That's what I'm talking about. Some people don't have enough knowledge to browse similar products online. Sometimes it...
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    Our Experience working with Adwords

    How do you target in display ads ?
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    How do you guys send email notification manually once order gets shipped?

    Few days ago I got first order from Australia after 4 days of lunching my online store. So now order is shipped and I don't know how to notify my customer that order is shipped. So how do you guys send email notification manually once order gets shipped? I think this step should be automated. I...