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  1. Xasarad

    100+ products and it took 6gb of hard drive space on alidropship hosting

    Glad to hear that you fixed your problems.
  2. Xasarad

    Custom Baby, kids and mothercare shop for sale

    I wonder whether you still have it? If yes, hit me up cause I'm interested! Let me know, and I'll send you a direct message to further discuss the details! I've already got some experience in this domain since I own a clothing brand for kids and babies called kamelino. So, I thought it would be...
  3. Xasarad


    I don't think it's possible to create the same plugin yourself. However, you can write a plugin code that will look like it. It all depends on your IT skills. Personally, I have been using another plugin for expenses and income for a long time. If you are interested, I can share its name. It...
  4. Xasarad

    Custom Information Required on AliExpress Checkout

    This is a trap; I hope you did not give any personal information. I went through a similar situation, and I have already learned my lesson. When it comes to personal information, you better not risk it. Scammers know how to make easy money by fooling us. That's why we need to make sure who we...
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    Yes, I would also like to know what I should do better. I will be grateful for any help
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    Make money

    No activity can die as long as it brings honest money to someone. Another question is whether you have enough desire and patience to develop in this particular area. After all, in any case, you will have to do everything yourself, or with a small circle of people who will be ready to support...