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  1. pearstar

    454000 $ in a year with Alidropship

    Why did you register your business to HK? Can you bring out few benefits?
  2. pearstar

    Turn off Auto Price Update and Rest for a certain product

    I am wondering this too myself now. Is it possible to disable specific products from bulk and/or auto-updating?
  3. pearstar

    Duplicate content impact on SEO - Question

    If you remember the page domain let me know, I'd like to see it as well.
  4. pearstar

    ads_rg_list ajax hits

    Hello, What plugin is ads_rg_list? Is this the main plugin (alidropship)? a lot of ajax hits come from that plugin and slows down website
  5. pearstar

    Duplicate content impact on SEO - Question

    Well, I am not sure what to do. Rely purely on advertisement? :D I guess need to start writing something.. at least 1 sentence.
  6. pearstar

    Duplicate content impact on SEO - Question

    Right, noindex and a linking will give out wrong signals to google. I will then make unique titles, but the description is still the same (just a size chart)
  7. pearstar

    Duplicate content impact on SEO - Question

    Probably noindex for single products is the best way to go and only index a few very popular products that have 300-500word descriptions. If anybody has another point of view please let us know here.
  8. pearstar

    Use of TITLE BUILDER in constructing product titles

    Title builder builds really overwhelming titles. I do not recommend it. If you want those long titles then you can leave aliexpress titles unchanged.
  9. pearstar

    Duplicate content impact on SEO - Question

    I want to add around 100 underwear in my selection. Now I am wondering how will duplicate titles and description impact the SEO overall? I think there is no point adding different titles to every underwear as people don't read them anyway and it takes a lot of time making new titles all the...
  10. pearstar

    Breaking records

  11. pearstar

    Problem importing products [Pic inside]

    Are you using Beeketing? I had the same issue. Update the Beeketing plugin and see if that solves it.
  12. pearstar

    Breaking records

    I agree with Direct Webstore
  13. pearstar

    Not getting order id automatically

    After migration to different host I noticed some database stuff were off. For example I was not able to save cashback URL on wordpress dashboard. So I had to set it in database manually. I am now wondering if I can do anything in the database so the order ID automatically imports to order once...
  14. pearstar

    Cannot save EPN cashback link

    For some reason when I save the link to the cashback field in alidropship>aliexpress>settings then it wont save. It just disappears. Any suggestions? Yes I followed the KB
  15. pearstar

    Breaking records

    Glad it has motivated you enough to take the first step. I think its something like 50$
  16. pearstar

    Breaking records

    I think the most important thing is to build trust. First of all, I've been doing it for a year and a lot are repeating users coming back to either visit again or buy. So when I update my store every week, even if I'm just adding a product, then they can see the store is working. Also I try to...
  17. pearstar

    Breaking records

    New record. a single order less than 10 dollars short from 1000$. That's definitely difficult to break. I hope this motivates you not to give up. Before filling this order I send a request for a photo proof of credit card EDIT: All ok :)
  18. pearstar

    Socialrabbit: Instagram error: Swipeable carousel duplicate entry

    Hello, Using socialrabbit Instagram poster I experience duplicate entries when "swipeable carousel" is checked. The first two images posted to Instagram are the same featured image of the product. Any ideas how to fix this?
  19. pearstar

    Aliexpress is collecting tax

    I need to start doing some research. Probably next year. Too sweet period at the moment to waste time on that. Thought there would be some copy paste simple 101 guide here :)