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  1. EdnaW

    Apps with OCR and a clean UI?

    Oh, I forgot, that we got people who work from home as well, thanks for reminding me! We do use Asana, but we also need a broader framework, hence this thread. I appreciate the practical insight you shared, those pain points are definitely something to keep in mind. Will look into those...
  2. EdnaW

    Apps with OCR and a clean UI?

    Hi, I'm about to update the internal process we follow daily at the office (I work at a digital marketing agency) since the team has had several new members join lately. So, there are dozens of SOPs and personnel documentation that need to be reviewed and better organized. Some of them we should...
  3. EdnaW

    Bing, facebook, and Google account are running ads

    I wish I didn't need to think about this, but the summer is coming... Started the diet last Monday.
  4. EdnaW

    Can I track sales in Google Analytics?

    It can work, but you'll need a tool of this type (you can check out the video guide). Then you can use segments for A/B testing or for filtering out returning visitors and also track your affiliate link clicks. You'll also be able to check, for example, how your content performs across different...
  5. EdnaW

    An explanation of business travel expenses

    Well explained, and thank you for sharing. I've seen many questions on this topic across forums, so it's great to have people sharing educational material to clarify the details.
  6. EdnaW

    Graphic designer - info about the profession.

    I agree, plenty of options to choose from. And I imagine it's less likely to get bored since you get to use your creativity for different projects.
  7. EdnaW

    Make money

    I would say that people have, well let's say unrealistic expectations mostly because they don't learn enough about dropshipping (it applies to any topic, actually) before they start doing it. They don't do their research in depth for one reason or another, but they form an opinion and have...
  8. EdnaW

    What's your favorite business books of all times?

    I wish there were more replies to this thread! I see that Business for the Glory of God was mentioned, it's a great book, with very interesting concepts and good tips. Millionaire Fastlane - this could be my favorite one. Lately, I've neglected the books, I got addicted to "how to" articles...
  9. EdnaW

    What Is Your Best Advice For Someone New To Dropshipping?

    So many great tips, thank you!
  10. EdnaW

    Tracking QR payments?

    Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to track your payments through a plugin on the website? I recently had a web developer make an update to my payment gateway for online payments to include a generated QR code on our end (I used this online generator) but am having quite the time figuring out...
  11. EdnaW

    How many products approximately can add on alidropship woo version without facing technical issues?

    I'm not 100% sure what the answer to this question is but I think it's worth noting that there are website speed test tools available online that you can use to try and check how your website speed would be affected by the volume of products you upload to your store. You can try it before you...
  12. EdnaW

    Best CMS For Dropshipping

    Personally, it's really hard to use an existing CMS system that fits every single thing you need. If the work you're doing is generally monotonous and generic–there's a few out there that are good options. For me though, I found that having someone create a set of integrations using an...
  13. EdnaW


    Glad to hear it's now getting fixed @Nadezhda.
  14. EdnaW

    How to work with foreign traffic

    These are great points. Despite using different strategies to grow traffic it's also worth considering foreign traffic. Just a note tho, a lot find foreign traffic unreliable. One reason is that it can be difficult to track where the traffic is coming from, often difficult to track where...
  15. EdnaW

    Make money

    While I do agree to some degree that money-making apps/games are getting better (i.e., games like Axie Infinity, Wizards and Dragons, and Clash of Streamers)–the learning curve is quite steep especially for those who are not that knowledgeable when it comes to NFTs. Dropshipping is far better...
  16. EdnaW

    More Products

    Depends on the current status of your store–if a product is doing good, you want to capitalize on that and potentially improve your inventory by finding related products to the best-selling one. Sort of like a domino maneuver. I constantly do research for new suppliers so I'm always ready to add...
  17. EdnaW

    Need advice: Training an employee

    I'm not using one but I've had experience before with our training and it's really a great platform to connect and get everyone in sync.
  18. EdnaW

    Google Chrome extension is not working

    This has happened to me before but I jus cleared my cache and literally after restarting chrome it worked.
  19. EdnaW