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    Apps with OCR and a clean UI?

    consider using software like Adobe Acrobat Pro or Foxit PhantomPDF. They offer robust PDF management with keyword search, version control, and user permissions. While they come at a cost, their features and usability make them a worthwhile investment for your digital marketing agency.
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    Instagram is asking to change password because of like, comment software

    How do you reset password on Intagram, if you don't know old password ? The links I've got need your old password which I don't have. I'm pretty sure I logged in via Facebook, but facebook password doesn't work. Normally you get password reset link sent to your email address, but Instagram...
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    Tracking details auto send

    That's a great suggestion! It would definitely be a convenient feature for customers to receive tracking details directly from the seller. Many e-commerce platforms already have this feature built-in, but it may depend on the specific platform that you're using. In the meantime, you could...
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    Payments getting placed on hold?

    My last 4 orders (all from the EU to me in the UK) are 'On Hold' Paypal payment-wise. The advised date of the payments clearing is 3 weeks after the order has been placed. At the moment the Buyer who has been waiting the longest has been waiting for 11 days so far. These payments On Hold seem to...
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    How to Hire a Web Design & Development Company in Singapore

    Thanks for the great info! It's so important to take the time to research and find the right web development and design company for your needs, and you've outlined some really useful tips to help with that. When looking for a web design company, I'd also suggest checking out their portfolio to...
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    Alidropship web hosting is suspended – here are two suggestions

    Hi, I'm not very technically minded and suspect there is nothing I can do about this issue but here goes. My website and email for two sites had suddenly gone down today with the sites showing the 'Account Suspended - contact your hosting provider' message. My issue is that the guy who has...
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    YouTube Watch Time [30D Refill] 20$

    Hey guys. I need to know how to promote my personal account and channel on Youtube to get viral on this social network but I haven’t a clue where I will find it on the web. Do you know some tips to buy youtube views and subscribers to my channel? Thank you!
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    Tracking details auto send

    How exactly can I go about tracking my order?
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    Let me preface this by saying I'm a SFDC admin/ops person. My interim CEO just asked me to build around 60 landing pages in Marketo. We aren't budgeted to bring on a developer right now. I don't know enough HTML to build anything from the ground up. My thoughts were to build them in wordpress...
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    Men Clothing question

    Hi all, I’m looking for a good place to buy some plain white and grey Crewneck T-shirts from Online Clothing Boutique. What brands do you buy? Also, I’m XXL shirt size
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    How to become an affiliate again after offboarding?

    From what I read about offboarding when I did it, It all pointed towards I could join back when I hit the requirements again. So that's why I left. Mainly because I didn't stream for ages and wanted to rebuild my community. But I've only just realized my requirements are still being met. When I...
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    Original TextTwist

    I've been playing TextTwist for years. Now my link doesn't work. In doing a search for the original, first version, of Text twist solver all I could find is TextTwist2. I hate this version. Does anybody know where I can go to play the original, first version? Thanks
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    Router/Data package question.

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Router/Data package question.

    Is there any package that allows you to use up your router data when you are browsing with mobile data? Like when you are on the way to work, and the router is at home, you are using mobile data, but it is deducted from the GB on your router package? (Hope it explains well enough) I have a...
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    Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform courses similar to Adrian Cantrill’s AWS classes

    Can somebody suggest courses which are as high quality & structured as Adrian Cantril’s AWS classes for kubernetes, docker, Kafka, terraform? My objective really isn’t certification of Learn Kubernetes, but a solid understanding of these concepts and I am willing to pay for these rather than...
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    Fully Verified Crypto-Exchange Accounts

    we are also providing the service check this Best Free Crypto Trading Signals Online
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    /track-your-order/ page - issue

    Does anyone know how to track your order through the Internet like with the website ninjavan tracking? I thought I saw something about this but I can't find it anymore. Was I dreaming? If I was, hope GM is listening and gives us this option. It would be REALY nice to be able to track our orders...