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    Are you tired of your slow server?

    Don't lose sales because of your slow hosting provider. Instead, switch to RedSwitches and get lightning-fast bare-metal servers built to your hardware requirements. Host your crypto stakes, IPTV & video streaming services, and VPN on RedSwitches managed bare-metal servers. Get your brand-new...
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    I couldn't set up my store and I couldn't link the domain

    Have you tried getting in touch with your hosting provider? I'e seen a similar issue arise many times, and instead of tampering with it too much, I usually let the hosting support handle it. I'm hosted with Cloudways, so I usually just reach out to them via live chat for a solution. Never really...
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    Countdown Timer calls Admin-Ajax.php

    The server to returns some data and then modifies the web pages with the data obtained. For example, imagine one drop-down menu where you select your appointment date, and another drop-down list dynamically shows you the hours available to reserve. You can check more here about WordPress...
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    Plugin Conflict with WPBakery Page Builder

    Go to Oxygen > Settings > License. Enter your license key and click “Submit.” Go to Dashboard > Updates. See if the Oxygen update is visible; if not, then click “Check Again.” Or you can check here about configuring the WordPress oxygen builder plugin with your website.
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    "Maintenance mode " plugin?

    You can create a maintenance mode or coming soon by using SeedProd WordPress editor, SeedProd, it’s incredibly easy for beginners and even those who don’t wish to dabble into code to create professional websites.
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    Backup Wordpress Site

    Its been an old post but After looking at the trends, The Cpanel and managed hosting has changed a lot from the backend and frontend view, I have followed this thread to Backup my WordPress website but I am using managed hosting and found another guide about WordPress backup, hope it will help...
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    Woo + Flatsome terrible speed

    The website performance suffers because of the lack of adequate resources, making it slow. This slow performance also affects the website’s SEO and user experience. You can follow this guide to speed up your website and how these hosting solutions help reduce server response time.
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    Woo plugin & Wordpress Update failure (urgent)

    You need to launch the FileZilla application and provide your server’s access credentials to connect remotely. After that, go to the public_html folder > right-click (mouse) and click file permissions. Check this guide to fix this error...
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    Missing product variations after site migration

    Depends on the files, There would be some missing files like a repository where the products are saved. You can check this guide to learn more about properly moving the Website to a new host including products.
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    40% OFF for 4 months on Cloudways

    This Black Friday, Cloudways is offering 4 months of free managed WordPress hosting. Just use the coupon code while signing up, and enjoy hassle free hosting. Promo code: BFCM2020 Offer: 40% OFF for 4 months (Promo will be applied on first 4 invoices) Validity: From 23rd November till 2...
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    How to secure Alidropship website?

    I was also looking for the same query for my WordPress website and I have found the best guide on WordPress Security Issues And How to Fix Them, the steps they have listed can be followed for any store or website. You must go through with a proper checklist to prevent hacks and attacks.
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    HTTP/2 protocol

    This service doesn't provide by the forum, You must ask your hosting provider for that, I am using Cloudways WordPress hosting and they offer free SSL certificate for WordPress and other web platforms which keeps my website secure and redirects from HTTP to https.
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    SMTP error

    Please check PHP through the mail() function. To get SMTP credentials, navigate to Sending (1) -> Domain Settings (2), select the domain name (3) from the top drop-down menu, and then click SMTP credentials (4). Read this guide to learn more about How to Set up and Configure SMTP in WordPress.
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    Get a 40% Discount on All Managed Hosting Plans

    Here's a great BlackFriday gift for your business - Get a 40% discount on all managed hosting plans for three months and enjoy the lightning-fast performance for your business applications. Offer: 40% OFF for 3 Months on All Plans Promo Code: BFCM40 Validity: Starts from November 14th till...
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    Wordpress GPL and Wordfence security issue

    To fix this issue, you can visit this URL: , also, to avoid these type of errors, I would suggest you to use AliDropship with Cloudways optimized WordPress hosting which always takes care of updating and errors.
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    AliDropship plugin/add-ons PHP 5.6/7.0 support termination

    Before switching to PHP 7.2, you should disable Alidropship plugin, You can face serious problems if you ignore website security. The Internet is full of opportunities and information, but it is also a source of trouble for WordPress security threats.
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    The site is experiencing technical difficulties - I need help please

    It might be possible there's any plugin that is not working or not supported with the new version of WordPress, first of all, create a WordPress backup then disable all the plugin and start updating. It will work, once WordPress would be upgraded then enable all the plugins. It will show you...
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    WordPress Contact Form Plugins to Use in 2019

    With more than 1600+ plugins to choose from, the real challenge for many site owners is to pick a plugin that works without any conflicts, I have compiled the list of best WordPress contact form plugins that can be integrated easily with your WordPress website.
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    CDN and Gallery

    Visit your site URL, view the source code and search for CloudFront. You will see all the assets, such as CSS, JS, and images are served by the CloudFront CDN. Try this, If it doesn't work then I will suggest you choose Cloudways WordPress CDN for better performance and to manage everything...
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    Does the alidropship plugin work with wordpress multi-site?

    Yes, it works, I am using WordPress multisite on Cloudways platform and using Alidropship with my website. But 1 license would work with 1 domain.