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    Solution to protect your store from spying sales trackers!

    ShopHunter, PPspy, AliHunter, Dropship, Koala Inspector, Commerce Inspector, StalkerDrop, SpyHorus, Competitorsinsights... All of the above trackers are used to spy on Shopify store sales, the Sales Shield app prevents them from knowing your real data. Sales Shied inflates the sales of all...
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    Blocking Sales Trackers

    Ali Hunter, SpyHorus, PPspy, Shop Hunter, Koala Inspector, Commerce Inspector, StalkerDrop, these are some sites and software that we use in the Drop to mine products. They track the sales of our stores and display this information so that other stores can copy our best selling products...
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    BLOCK any sales spy sites!

    No more marketplace copying winning product all the time! This Sales Shield app from Shopify Store prevents any sales tracking site from knowing what your real sales are! (AliHunter, SpyHorus, DropTool, Koala Inspector, Hackify, Commerce Inspector, StalkerDrop and etc...) The site below has...