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  1. drshkng

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Am interested, thxs.
  2. drshkng

    Hi Droppers You all need this!

    Not necessarily free products. But you can provide free articles/reports/videos/info that may be interesting to your visitors.
  3. drshkng

    Hi Droppers You all need this!

    Sorry, but your question is too broad. A good general approach is to provide value for free at the beginning. You gain their trust - then they'd buy from you. This is true for services/products.
  4. drshkng

    Please make Upsell Pop Up & Auto Currency Converter

    I have this on Shopify - so it would be irrelevant to mention any apps here. Let's hope that something similar for AliDropship will be arriving soon. :-)
  5. drshkng

    Hi Droppers You all need this!

    "Free + Shipping" can give you a reasonable start. Just make sure that you buy your product at a very low price, you add your shipping cost (probably more than the price of the product) then add the cost of advertisement - and still be able to sell it at an attractive price. A lot of people will...
  6. drshkng

    Please make Upsell Pop Up & Auto Currency Converter

    The ability to create simple funnels AND offer upsells/downsells is THE name of the game. Your sales will double by simply using the upsells/downsells feature. Your sales will 5x when using simple funnels, too.
  7. drshkng

    Worldwide Shipping

    It's currently around 30 countries. ( I have experience with 10 of them - working just fine.)
  8. drshkng

    struggling to make a sale...

    If you have already directed paid traffic (in your case: shoutouts and FB ads) to your store and have had no sales, the reasons can be: 1/ You are targeting the wrong audience. 2/ You are targeting the right audience but your products are not attractive. Is your niche passionate and do your...
  9. drshkng

    Product Catalog Feed

    Please, do so. We'd appreciate that! Thank you!
  10. drshkng

    facebook unpublish my page and banned my ads account

    Most people don't read these although it is highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and read and understand them before you start running paid ads on FB!
  11. drshkng

    Overcoming Branded Supplier Boxes

    1/ Order a ton of products from the same supplier and after a while you can ask him to place the products in your own branded boxes. (But before you ask, you have to prove yourself and sell a lot of the product.) 2/ You order in larger quantities to your address and you repackage them. 3/ Your...
  12. drshkng

    .com or .net (or custom tld .store)

    First of all, if you do paid traffic you will push your visitors directly to your store (or product page). So, the domain of your store is simply not an issue because they don't have to find it. If you rely on free traffic and SEO, it is advisable to have a .com. More and more successful...
  13. drshkng

    Too low conversion rate

    Just my 2 cents. 1/ Sell products that your niche members are passionate about. (You can like a potato peeler but are you passionate about it enough to grab your credit card and place an order?) 2/ In your niche, try to find new products that have good quality and are novelty. Don't sell the...
  14. drshkng

    What do you anticipate most?

    Customers should be able to register with their Facebook credentials - with one click. It means easier, faster registration AND a valid email address that Facebook had already checked.