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    Customer Wishlist

    Is this "Add to Wishlist" feature is implemented in alidropship pluging ?
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    User register: email already registered

    Hi Did you guys were able to solve this issue ? I am having same issue. Also when I try to login,
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    "Full Name" block while checkout

    "Full Name" block is causing my lot of transactions to drop. I see in the drop report that the customer full name is taken as first name and no last name in the transaction. I would suggest having separate blanks for First name and last name. I am using Da Vinci theme. Please help.
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    Abandoned Cart (BETA)

    Hello, Abandon Cart plugin displays "Wrong Data" while inserting license key. Do you have any suggestions ?
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    AliDropship Version 0.9.6 UPDATE

    @Victoria Kudryashova AliDropship Version 0.9.6 UPDATE When I try to open orders in WP dashboard I get following error. Can you please help resolve this. Cash on Delivery (Standard) Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in...
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    Automatic PRICE Currency Conversion for each country

    Yes @Victoria Kudryashova this is a great feature to have, and will definitely improve conversion rate. I hope if you guys can include this in upcoming updates. TY
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    AliDropship Version 0.9.5 UPDATE

    Cash On Delivery If anyone noticed or not, when customers buys through COD, an email is sent with payment confirmation to the customer. This is quite misleading and confusing to both customer and seller. Please have a separate email template for COD.
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    How To Do Fulfillment?

    Kelly, Try mobile app in this situation. It worked for me in a similar case.
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    "Load more" Button not functionning

    From my experience "Load More" button will stop working once all the products in that particular category are all displayed. I know, ideally "Load More" button should disappear once all the products are scrolled in that category, but unfortunately its not like that.
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    Sync shopping cart with accounts

    Currently, shopping card doesn't sync with the account. If I add something to the cart on one computer then I don't see that in the cart on another computer logged in with the same account as the former. Ideally cart should sync up with the account irrespective of the devices.
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    AliDropship ver. 0.9.4 – 21.02.2017: Password Reset not working!

    Victoria, thank you for your response. Attached is the screenshot of the email. Please note it doesn't contain any link to change the password.
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    AliDropship ver. 0.9.4 – 21.02.2017: Password Reset not working!

    Password reset email doesn't have a link to reset password. Please help.
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    Any idea when Alidropship plugin for woocommerce will be Available?

    Will woo version work with existing licence? Or will have to purchase a new one ? Thank You