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  1. sattishviswanath

    Happy Birthday, Yaros!

    Happy birthday @Yaros I'm very new to dropshipping and happy to see your mails thank you for that and I'm about to buy the plugin another few mins thanks for XMAS offer :)
  2. sattishviswanath

    Regarding the Dropshipping parcel package

    Finally found myself There are not any signs of AliExpress and prices on packages. However, sometimes sellers from AliExpress include their business cards in the package. Anyway you can always send a comment with your order asking your seller not to include anything. The sellers on AliExpress...
  3. sattishviswanath

    Shocking News about AliExpress.

    Experts Kindly Clarify. Cheaper online goods from Chinese e-tailers like Club Factory, Shien and Aliexpress may become a thing of past as government is considering to impose restrictions on online purchases of goods from Chinese ecommerce platforms and apps to reduce the adverse impact on local...
  4. sattishviswanath

    Regarding the Dropshipping parcel package

    Hello, First of all. I'm very new to dropshipping I sell a product in my online store (Eg: that Dropships by AliExpress My big doubt is that while my customer receives the product will it look like the one shipped from AliExpress(label) or label with my online store (Eg...