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    database table adsw_activities

    Hi Support I noticed a few tables under the database that are created by the plugin. adsw_search_analysis adsw_activities adsw_ali_meta I have been using the alidropship woocommerce plugin for quite a few years. Are these data safe to delete? There are datas dated a few years ago and I don't...
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    Tracking ID not updated

    Hi Support Manually click get tracking ID one at a time cannot retrieve tracking ID update. Even under the order edit, get tracking, it doesn't work. I have already cleared cache
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    Variation Won't Update on Stock Change even if Product is not available

    Hi I have a question about Woocommerce Alidropship product update on stock. My store consists of all variable clothing product. I have two problems with the stock update. Update Settings: Moved to draft if product if missing or out of stock Change stock to zero if a variation is out of stock...
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    How to add a Cainiao tracking page (unbranded) to your site

    yes I noticed this problem too so i switched back to 17track
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    Alidropship Woocommerce causing multiple installation of Analytics Tracking

    Since June 1st, my analytics tracking are not correctly showing the right data. Consistently showing 0% bounce rate and no conversion tracking. I installed an extension called tag assistant to see what tags are fired. Tag assistant is showing error for analytics tracking, "Same Webb Property is...
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    change product attribute thumbnail or drop down

    I want to display my product page attributes just like the demo alidropship woocommerce store: As you can see, product color attribute is showing product thumbnail. And for size, it is just showing text. For some...
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    What is this "adsw_auto_upload_image_from_ali" under product export?

    When I export all my products to csv including meta, I see this column adsw_auto_upload_image_from_ali_ on each of my product. What is weird is that each product ID has at least 2000 added new columns. All of these columns are named adsw_auto_upload_image_from_ali_ and prepend with an item...
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    How to export Supplier's Price for all products

    Is there anyway to export all supplier's price into excel instead of manually looking into product supplier tab one by one? I thought it would be hidden under product meta but nothing pops up relating to supplier cost.
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    [SOLVED] Fatal Error under Wordpress Dashboard

    nah I didn't do anything. Just waited a few hours and it just fixed itself. No change in php version nor ioncube. Have no idea what causes the crash earlier.
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    [SOLVED] Fatal Error under Wordpress Dashboard

    problem solved, cannot find a button to close or delete this thread
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    [SOLVED] Fatal Error under Wordpress Dashboard

    I cannot access my wordpress dashboard. I had to rename aliwoo plugin folder inorder to access wordpress again. Under plugin page, it says the following error. /plugins/alidswoo/core/autoload.php encoded as type [1/72] cannot be decoded by this version of the ionCube Loader. in Unknown on line...
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    Meta: adsw_auto_upload_image_from_ali_29090

    I exported all my products to show all product metas to xls file. I see alidropship has created many unused meta. What does this do? Meta: adsw_auto_upload_image_from_ali_29090 There are around 500+ of these similar metas, only with a different value at the end. None of the products are...
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    Credit card payment gateway

    I am currently also using stripe and paypal. Under chekout, I have included that Paypal account is required. The only reason I live stripe more than Paypal is that Paypal asks too many questions after clicking checkout. It redirects to Paypal's page and asks for credit cards details plus billing...
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    Updating Variation Product with new Supplier

    i was referring to google shopping ads product quality score.
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    Updating Variation Product with new Supplier

    I was hoping this would not change the product ID. I was told quality scores are tied onto product IDs.
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    Updating Variation Product with new Supplier

    It is not the name it matters... Say you imported 10 products from Supplier A who sells T-Shirts. All attributes are named as Size. Then you import another 10 T-Shirts from another Supplier B and it names it attributes as Style. On your store, there will be two different filters, one for Size...
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    Updating Variation Product with new Supplier

    I can see they are both the same in terms of definition. I have a filter system that allows customers to use filter to check on different styles or colors. If you just rename the attributes, there are going to be two attributes named Color or Style created with different slugs.
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    Updating Variation Product with new Supplier

    How do you merge two different attributes together? When I click reset, all attributes are back to aliexpress original names. Now, instead of saying Color, it is displaying as Style. Go into attribute settings and rename Style to Color. This creates two different attributes with the same name...
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    Updating Variation Product with new Supplier

    Recently, one of my clothing supplier store is suspended and it is transferring all products to a brand new Aliexpress store. All my links to previous Aliexpress products no longer work. How do I update all of my products with new hyperlinks for products that have variation? When I edit my old...