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    ripped off by shipping options

    Remove "ship from" option from variations and have one price for all.
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    checkout by bank transfer

    Is anyone using these extra options with Stripe and original Alidropship plugin?
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    Luckyorange or any other plugin to check customer behavior?

    Hi there, Does anyone know/has used any other program then luckyorange to view what customers are doing on page? Any suggestions? (is Luckyorange the best?)
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    Using stripe to accept other forms of payments then credit card

    Seems that noone has used these. Stripe can't tell me if it works with Alidropship plugin integration...
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    Using stripe to accept other forms of payments then credit card

    In Stripe, under settings is different payment options other then just credit cards. Can we use these, how do they work? Do they work with Alidropship? Anyone used?
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    How to handle this customer?

    Offer a partial refund?
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    Social Rabbit version 3.2.0

    @Nadezhda so Instagram not posting issue was not Instagram's issue, but it was because of Socialrabbit?
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.8.4 - UPDATE

    What about orders to Korea, VAT number? Its P+12 digits.
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    Orders from brazil needs tax code.

    Any update? Here is an example.
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    Free advices

    How are Your sales now? How much are You spending on promoting? Still mostly IG shoutouts?
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    Orders from brazil needs tax code.

    I don't use/have any screen recording tools. Please make Korea/Brazil TAX/CPF code box additional option. It is needed, because currently i have to e-mail customers every time.
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    Orders from brazil needs tax code.

    You can confirm the address, but if You click PAY with credit card, it will ask for it again. Now there is a needed tax code for Korean orders aswell. These need to be implemented into Alidropship
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    Automatic backups with Alidropship hosting?

    Is here anyone who has any system for it? I am looking fora solution on how to create an automated backup system, that would automatically create backup of everything and upload it to a specified server. Currently the only option is to do backups manually in cpanel.
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    I want to use Stripe On Form Payment Method

    If it's not enabled, customers from Europe cannot purchase?
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    [METHOD] STRIPE Payment Gateway

    I've been using Stripe for almost 2 years, registered with this method. Have an EIN that I got via phone call and it is verified, but now I received a new e-mail from stripe: Thanks for using Stripe! We're excited to have you on board, and just need to collect a bit more information to ensure...
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    Stripe refuses to support my business

    Evidence is not a problem - You can ask any supplier on Ali make a photo with whatever You want.
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    What will you do in this case.

    You can open the order's payment in PayPal and You'll see if You are eligible or no. Or you can contact PayPal and ask. Whatever the customer says You have shipped out the order and You can not refund before the products have been returned to You. Nothing complicated.
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    What will you do in this case.

    Is the order not eligible for seller protection in PayPal?
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    [METHOD] STRIPE Payment Gateway

    You can get an EIN as a foreigner. You can call yourself.