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  1. jubran

    Need a Good Plugin for product options

    Are you using WooCommerce Product Designer? Because it does that just fine. However, if you mean to just have a simple text added to an order or kinda a note to label on the product, then you can have a look at WooCommerce Custom Fields.
  2. jubran

    Arabic custom store

    Definitely a lot more checkout abandonment than English stores but if you know how to target your potential customers, it wouldn't be a problem.
  3. jubran

    Arabic custom store

    It's not hard to create such site. I've built an Arabic dropshipping stores using Alidropship with a good RTL supporting theme from CodeCanyon.
  4. jubran

    POLL: Is It Possible to Combine a Regular Job with Dropshipping?

    Not a full-time job but various other owned businesses online. DON'T work on any full-time or part-time job unless you want your headstart money for your online business. That's my tip for everybody and you'll eventually find your way.
  5. jubran

    454000 $ in a year with Alidropship

    You're one of the big players in the niche but something big is coming so be prepared ;) Great job BTW, keep it up!
  6. jubran

    WooCommerce v1 - Make Sure to Fix These

    Thank you! But what do you mean by it works? Please briefly explain as I am really struggling with this issue.
  7. jubran

    NEW CONTEST! Don't Miss the Chance to Participate

    Alright then let's share some very useful methods! This method is free but requires a lot of time. However, when you establish it good then you don't need to do anything but to promote your products. You'll find a hyperactive niche and create a community website for it (Viral website), 2 good...
  8. jubran

    POLL: How Often Do You Use Built-in Bulk Import in AliDropship Plugin?

    It's pretty useless, unless someone have a very big store or affiliate sotre with aliexpress
  9. jubran

    Can an Africa especially be a dropshopper?

    Why are you being racist towards yourself lol.... Yes, you can but if your website will be in English, then consider improving your English because you'll need to create product copies and ad copies and people really look at that!
  10. jubran

    My Dropshipping store from Philippines - Feedback needed

    Really tough and competitive niche. If you're not good or let's say advance at marketing, it will be really hard for you. But of course, good luck ;)
  11. jubran

    WooCommerce v1 - Make Sure to Fix These

    2 most annoying things that must be fixed before the WooAlidropship comes available are the below: 1. When importing the product, and then you remove a single attribute variation. No other variations will be created and neither will the variation images be imported to the server. Example: There...
  12. jubran

    My dropshipping store - feedback needed :)

    Hi Leonardo, You're selling very generic stuff that can be found in many local stores around many areas for pretty cheaper price than yours. Therefore, I highly suggest that you find a WINNING PRODUCT and promote it! This is really important! I've been doing digital marketing since 2013 and I...
  13. jubran

    DISCUSSION: The Most Valuable Books for Dropshippers

    I usually don't read books just because I don't like to read from actual books as I get bored really quickly and I find myself just skimming and scanning the paragraphs. However, I always look online for great resources and surround myself with positive influencers such as TED, TEDx, Gary...
  14. jubran

    Store Conversion Rate (Poll)

    Mainly but not limited to. I also tend to use Google Ads, IG (both ads and influencers), Snapchat, Tumblr, YT influencers, Reddit, and of course, Google organic traffic where the conversion rate is exceptionally higher than all of the other platforms at 5-8%. By the way, I don't use funnels nor...
  15. jubran

    Store Conversion Rate (Poll)

    Actually, 3 out of my 4 stores have conversion rate over 3.5% so it is definitely possible. These stores are niche stores while the other one is a general store and a lot of traffic comes from 2-3 tier countries.
  16. jubran

    Unlucky and about to quit :(

    Pick a proper product to sell. All I see are some products that can be found in a local market for way much cheaper price than you are offering.
  17. jubran

    Store Conversion Rate (Poll)

    Conversion depends on your abilities to customize the store and make it as efficient with easy UI & UX. In addition, having a well-written product page with good images will definitely help you sell. Scarcity can also help a lot but don't overwhelm the visitor with such things. And of course...
  18. jubran

    Please teach me how to make email Notification

    Please check the codex.
  19. jubran

    AliDropship Woo ver. 1.0 - Beta Testers Needed!

    You can either rename the old plugin directory or delete the plugin then install the new one. The database will not be deleted so you can upgrade without losing information.
  20. jubran

    AliDropship Woo ver. 1.0 - Beta Testers Needed!

    Take this product for example - there are color and size variations. Of course, in my store I don't need these 2 things as there is no other variation, right? So if I remove them when importing product, I will be missing so many features as mentioned in my previous comment. See how Oberlo works...