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    GPDR compliant websites

    thanks Ekat
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    GPDR compliant websites

    Can you give example which third-party plugin?
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    GPDR compliant websites

    can you add a badge on our website?
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    GPDR compliant websites

    Hi, Is our website created by you GPDR compliant?
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    Twitter in Social Rabbit has no settings options

    Twitter in Social Rabbit has no settings options
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    Social rabbit stop posting for twitter

    Hi, I just noticed the rabbit stopped posting for twitter. Can you help to check. thank you.
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    Social Rabbit notification in wordpress

    Hi Nadezh no. What i mean is this. please see attached. on the screenshot, you can see that the poster is set to post every 4hrs and 40mins. But on top of that, it would be best if there is also a randomizer that exist to randomized within the 4hrs and 40mins settings. for example, the...
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    SR Facebook error

    Hi, we have this Facebook error in SR.
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    Social Rabbit notification in wordpress

    maybe we can make the SR to be more human-like behaviour. like the option to adjust the interval with dynamic range instead of just manually setting it to post every 5 hours.
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    We need individual coupon codes and affiliate links

    Thru affiliates, we can also help others making income.
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    Single Product Promo Page (DaVinci child theme)

    Thanks, I will check this out.
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    Single Product Promo Page (DaVinci child theme)

    guide link is error
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    Rabbit Twitter settings are all gone

    Hi, the settings for twitter on Social Rabbit are all gone. We cannot make any settings on twitter now. Please check. thank you.
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    Support or integration of products

    Hi, Would like to share and recommend to support and or integrate most if not all products : they have a lot plugins that can help business websites to have potential to make a sale. Thank you.
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    Social Rabbit notification in wordpress

    Hi, we have this notification in wordpress that does not go out. Can we know what does this mean and do we need to do anything on our end.? Social Rabbit According to the new Facebook Policy Updates, the service of autoposting on Facebook are not available for apps, created after April, 24...
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    AliDropship Theme Update

    Hi Kat, When are you going to add slider/carousel to DaVinci.? Thanks. Gio
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    Social Rabbit "The posting time randomizer"

    Hi, Where to find and how to turn on this The posting time randomizer ?
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    Support for Thrive architect plugin

    Hi, Is it possible to support thrive architect plugin so we can add more elements to the page?