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    Amazon Product Reviews

    Hello, I was checking for products to download from Aliexpress many of them also do exist on Amazon, the difference are that on Amazon the customer reviews are great with perfect English and long compared to Aliexpress not so good reviews (Almost every review only mentions the shipping time and...
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    Hide "Ships From China" Option

    Thanks :)
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    Social Rabbit Error Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=19479...

    Hello, Installed Social Rabbit yesterday, setting it up and testing it, i get a error in instagram Poster Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=19479, called in /home/admin/web/ on line 1924 This shows under the post it is going to post, any idea...
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    Hide "Ships From China" Option

    One more question about the attribute, can i also change "Ships From" without breaking the sync?
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    Hide "Ships From China" Option

    Also another suggestion i forgot to mention, if you have a type of products where customer needs to send photo for print on product, suggestion if you can add a option in checkout to upload the photo when making the order and limit the image size.
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    Hide "Ships From China" Option

    Thanks for your fast reply Yaros, so if i would rename attribute China to Nearest Warehouse this would not break the sync and auto ordering process or when making price update on the product?
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    Hide "Ships From China" Option

    Hello, I have a suggestion for the "Ships From China" Option that some products have, if it is possible and workable to make the possibility to hide this option and only see it in the admin panel but not in the front on the product where customers can see it, maybe have a choice in admin panel...
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    Image Editor Underlined text

    Hello, A suggestion for image editor if you can add the possibility for underlined text, can be useful in some situations Thanks
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    Images in Product Body Description

    Hello, What is best practice and recommended? should i add images in the products body description, same as Aliexpress and many Chinese gadget websites do? Or only have the main images and a clean description without images? Thanks
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    Download from store / WPML / Product description images

    Hello, I have tried to find the perfect Alidropship plugin / tool, but so far i find almost every tool or plugin out there including alidropship have issues, everytime i think its time to start a dropshipping webstore another issue jumps up Alidropship seems like a promising plugin but far...
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.0 - UPDATE

    Thanks for adding the function appreaciated :)
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    Add products from store

    Hi Christina, Sent you a message :) Thanks
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    Add products from store

    Hello, Can you please add the function to import products directly from store, when i try to import from store i click "import 36 products" i get the message "No products for import" I have to add each product manually takes lots of time for each page Thanks
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.0 - UPDATE

    Hello, Thanks for the update For the Add images from product’s description to gallery’ feature Can you please add it to the Ali Woo version also? I understand that it adds several size variations, but it is better to have the choice to use it than no choice at all. I choose Woocommerce...