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    omnibus directive?

    Hello, is there any plugin about omnibus directive into alidropship?
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    Fulfill Order Automatically not working

    Im use and still i have a problem on new account (new acc created for new store)
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    Fulfill Order Automatically not working

    Same here... Still "Cleaning shopping cart"
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    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    On "Facebook Browser", when client click into store from FB Ads doesnt work button "Proceed to checkout".
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    Monet WOO side cart?

    Hello, how to turn on side cart for monet woo?
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    SEZAM - WooCommerce Plugin for Dropshipping with Alibaba

    What about shpping from alibaba? Is it worth to sell from alibaba?
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    Change theme in active store

    Hello, i want to install second theme, configure it and after some days change theme on my website for this theme. How can i do it correctly? Install, edit on live or download website and put changes on my computer, and after upload in ftp folder with this theme?
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.8.22 - UPDATE

    Product update wont work.
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    EPN Cashback with AliDropship

    Hello, EPN are still working with Alidropship and Dropshipping? Anybody got issue same like me? I used EPN a long time ago, with my daily traffic I had about 100-150 dollars. Suddenly on 12/12 I increased the traffic and the money fell .... So I switched to, but the cashback is very...
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    Generate Feed FB Business

    Hello guys, anybody have a problem wiht generate feed on fb business tool? Normal version and Woocommerce version are the same. When i choose category, click save and click generate theres nothing doing. I feel lag and stay on same screen. Same issue on firefox and chrome.
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    New plugin?

    It was writed: if you buy 1 you pay 75/pc if you buy 2 you pay 67,50/pc if you buy 3 you pay 63,33/pc if you buy 4 you pay 55/pc
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    New plugin?

    Hello, is there any option to create new plugin like this on photo:
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    i talk with somebody on support, i send wp credentialis and nothing happen. still this same.
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    Is there any option to add this - i have problem with labels, i add labels with "Category" but i see nothing in my labels on google.
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    Still this same. I have store in Polish Language from a long time. In products i have translated "Add to cart" But on upsell, when i go to product, i click translated "Add to cart", the cart are shows on right corner with product from upsell, and i see untranslated "Add to cart" and "View...
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    Plugin are translated into my language (Polish) but i still see "Add to cart" "View product"