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  1. Pablo

    Vital: Take hashtags from product title. The #human touch.

    You're welcome Nadezhda! And thank you for listening and sending. Best regards.
  2. Pablo

    Vital: Take hashtags from product title. The #human touch.

    Not create but take hashtags from product title (and or) category: category: Coloring Books - Product: Horses Coloring Book = #ColoringBooks #Horses #Coloring #Book - something like this and might be with an option to enable or disable it. Is it possible...very difficult? Surely not for your...
  3. Pablo

    Vital: Take hashtags from product title. The #human touch.

    Yeah, the final goal is to get It to have feelings... or Automatic reactions just like... humans
  4. Pablo

    Vital: Take hashtags from product title. The #human touch.

    Is there any way to make this #essential feature possible? Currently when a product is posted It seems to be absolutely disconnected from programmed hashtags as they do not fit. They are related to site but not to product. It will make the #Rabbit become more #human. #Thanks in advance.
  5. Pablo

    Cropping Issue with Social Rabbit

    When cropping is enabled for instagram it says: "Internal Server error". When it's unabled it says: "Uploaded image isn't in an allowed aspect" ratio. Any fix for this to work properly? Thanks in advance. Regards
  6. Pablo

    Social Rabbit -Facebook promoter

    Me too!:(
  7. Pablo

    After last update cannot authorize accounts and some other misconfigurations

    Hello, after last update of social rabbit to ver 2.1.5 everything seems to misconfigured. First of all I cannot authorize FB, Twitter accounts. I gives some different errors. Anyone with the same problem? Thanks, any help appreciated
  8. Pablo

    Multiple errors with platforms - Social Rabbit

    I have the same error only with Instagram, it was working perfectly but 3 weeks ago it started to fail, Error messages showed in Logs: Gallery Poster to Instagram Link Unexpected error 31.03.2017 Promote your Account to Instagram Link Instagram Promote false for user: 289729530 message...
  9. Pablo

    Remove images from magnifier

    Thanks so much!
  10. Pablo

    Remove images from magnifier

    Hello, I have downloaded all website images to server in order to edit some of them and I'd like to know if there is a way to remove some images from slideshow magnifier. I've tried to delete images that I don't want from server but there is a still an empty orange bordered square where the...
  11. Pablo

    Pagination position in Michelangelo theme

    Hello, I'd like to know if someone do agree with me about pagination place in Michelangelo theme. It is currently placed after the category SEO article and I consider it is too far from products and I'd like staff people to consider to move it below the products in next update so it makes...