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  1. hans23

    Success stolen by greed.

    good to hear Stuart!
  2. hans23

    100K $ With Drop-shipping

    nice one Goku! you only used Instagram Shutouts right?
  3. hans23

    Experienced Internet Marketer diving into Ecom

    I couldn't successfully use paid ads (fb and adwords) with my alidropship site. Maybe my niche, maybe my marketing method, or maybe my site Anyway, good luck, and keep us updated,
  4. hans23

    Review's images don't get uploaded on my site

    Well, at past time, I just unselect any filter. I don't know but that strangely work for me. The images then appeared Which theme are you using? If I remember correctly, I still had country flags and stars imported. Maybe your problem is a bit different, it is better to contact support
  5. hans23

    Notification emails not sending in HTML

    I received that format too when using contact us email
  6. hans23

    Nicks Journey

    I believe it is not the plugin fault, the plugin is just a tool. Maybe you need different marketing method or maybe your niche need to be changed. Just my 0.02
  7. hans23

    Make product variant click-to-select

    I usually put into description that the buyer need to select the variant before add to cart Yes, I agree with your suggestion that buyer need to be aware of the variant that they choose
  8. hans23

    Michelangelo theme didn't show review images

    yes, when I tested it, it worked fine. The problem is when I try to send real message via contact-us page, I didn't receive any message
  9. hans23

    Michelangelo theme didn't show review images

    Thanks, also contact-us page on michelangelo couldn't send email. When using davinci, It could send email to my email address
  10. hans23

    Michelangelo theme didn't show review images

    As the title said, when I am using michelangelo, the review images don't show on the product page. But when I switch to davinci theme, the review images showed again
  11. hans23

    Abandoned cart

    It will be changed to your cart link. You can test it with your real email
  12. hans23

    Yet another new version today?

    Am I missing something. I got this page when I accessed I couldn't download any theme
  13. hans23

    No SEO titles with personalized pages

    Hi, looks like the title is pulled from SEO field of the alidropship plugin. On products, there is option to edit it. But I don't know if there is option on pages
  14. hans23

    Review's images don't get uploaded on my site

    Ah the problem is from "review with images" filter. When I unselect that, everything is going fine
  15. hans23

    Review's images don't get uploaded on my site

    Hey, it seems like the new plugin update have solved the issue, I can import review with image only now. The only problem now is the image is way too big. This is review image from my store And this is review image from Ali You can see the different. Are you also experienced this? Also this...
  16. hans23

    AliDropship Plugin ver.

    Hi yaros, After I enabled SEO tools, and enable all of the 3 features, I can't accessed my site and got HTTP ERROR 500 Do you have any idea why?
  17. hans23

    Facebook Shootout Test

    So they will delete the post after 24 hours passed?
  18. hans23

    Review's images don't get uploaded on my site

    I am also not able to get review image posted on my site. It seems like "review with image only" filter doesn't work well