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  1. mihailena

    How to add credit/debit card to Aliexpress?

    I was wondering how to add a debit/credit card to Aliexpress account. I tried Alipay, but the system doesn't let me register - it keeps saying that something is wrong with my password. I am located in Europe and am dropshipping. When I try to pay with debit/credit card on Aliexpress, it only...
  2. mihailena

    Accounting for Dropshipping stores

    Hi, I have a question. How do you get invoices for payments? How do you do your accounting? Since aliexpress doesn't issue invoices, how do you substract the price of products from your profit when it comes out to accounting? thanks in advance.
  3. mihailena

    Facebook "Likes" or Facebook "Conversion"- which strategy for a new store?

    Hi, I have a new fan page with less than 10 fans. I am running an ad on Facebook and I chose Conversions as a goal. I don't have an audience base though, so I wonder if not having too many fans will make the ad useless (people won't have trust). How do you handle your Facebook ads? What...
  4. mihailena

    Please comment on my new web store

    Hi everyone, I am new here, and I just finished my store. I'd appreciate any comments how it can be improved. I am starting promotion tomorrow. I'd appreciate if you suggest how could I get visitors with a small daily budget. I am leaning toward SEO in the long run, however, I need to make...