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    How to Create Video Ads That Sell

    How to Create Video Ads That Sell
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    11 Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes for 2018

    I thought all you Aliwoo dropship users would appreciate this... 11 Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes for 2018
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    Make sure those mobile versions of your site meet the criteria...

    Google to Use Page Speed as Ranking Signal in Mobile Search
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    WordPress 4.9.5 Update

    Has anybody updated to 4.9.5 and enabled Gutenberg? Any problems?
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    High-performing Facebook Ad Placements (in 4 Steps)

    Thought someone might find this interesting:
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    Don't get your accounts banned! How often you should post to social media!

    good article: How Often To Post On Social Media I've set my social rabbit post accordingly
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    I imported reviews in my store and it messed up my site on mobile...

    @Yaros , I had been running my store without reviews, after reading your latest blog article I decided to import reviews. Now it's screwed up the way my product pages look on mobile. As I also have an app in the app store that i'm promoting, I don't know if it's because of the reviews or because...
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    Instagram users can now link to hashtags and profiles in their bios

    This is a nice little feature -
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    I'm excited to see Social Rabbit Update to 2.1.3. today...

    Hopefully this will fix all of the issues with what was once a really good plugin..... I'll keep ya posted!
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    Ability to be able to customize the callout text in the boxes below the hero in image

    @Yaros In a future update I would like the ability to be able to customize the callout text in the boxes below the hero in image. Below is an example of what it looks like on my site... On my page I would have changed the callouts to "SHOP NOW", "READ NOW" and "DOWNLOAD NOW"..... please...
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    Some good ideas on choosing a new niche...
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    My Second Attempt... My New Journey

    I decided that I'm going to start sharing my journey... I launched my first store... a woman's clothing shop... around this time last year... I choose that niche because I know women spend a lot of clothes, shoes, etc. My girlfriend orders a lot of stuff online so I thought that would be a...
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    25 Free eCommerce WordPress Themes for No Cost Online Stores

    Good if you're running the Woocommerce version of Alidropship...
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    Problem with Version 1.0 and Blogs

    There seems to be a problem with this new version of the plugin and the blog. After the update clicking on the link to the blog page redirects you back to the home page. I need you guys to fix this....
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    I need someone who maintains Social Rabbit to either respond to my emails or refund me.

    Not meaning to be an ass, but when you purchase a product which you are billed MONTHLY for, then when there is trouble with said product... you kinda expect help right away to get it up and running otherwise you're not getting the full value for what you're paying for. I've use the older...
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    What countries SHOULD YOU NOT ship too?

    As a new store.. I'd like to minimize possible fraud. Can you guys please share what countries you avoid shipping too?
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    23 Instagram Tools to Connect with Shoppers -

    23 Instagram Tools to Connect with Shoppers -
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    What Countries Have You Blocked....

    Currently I'm only selling in the US and Canada.... I know I'm leaving out a large part of the world by limiting sales to these two countries but I'm trying to minimize fraud... what countries have you guys blocked due to fraud....
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    Same image when posting to Facebook

    This is how a gallery post looks on Twitter (and Instagram) This is how the same post looks on Facebook... It would be nice if the Facebook post could use the chosen image