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  1. Yan

    My 2nd Alidropship Journey! :)

    Hey guys, Yan from France here. :) I did a dropshipping site using the alidropship plugin in Dec 2017 - Feb 2018 and made about $2000 in all. I then stopped the journey because of the festival in China and I had less free time too. I was a medical student back then and had tons of things to...
  2. Yan


    Hello, Is there a way to implement an upsell after a buyer purchases a product? I'm doing a free + shipping offer and I want to give the client an option to buy another product when they click on add to cart or checkout. Thank you.
  3. Yan

    Thank You!

    I would really like to thank the Alidropship Plugin team for their change in pricing policy and for having considered our opinions on the add ons. As a sign of good faith, I just bought another alidropship plugin and would be recommending it actively to all my friends! THANK YOU!!!!
  4. Yan


    I have people creating accounts on my site without buying anything. Do you guys have any idea why they are doing this and how can I market to them?
  5. Yan

    Add Client's Email Directly to a Mailing List in Mailchimp

    I don't know if it possible to do this or not but can you it be possible to update the plugin so that a client's email is added directly to an autoresponders sequence in mailchimp? Thank you :)
  6. Yan

    Collect buyers' emails?

    Hey guys how do you collect buyers' emails? I know there is a subscription form for mailchimp but it does not collect the mails. I want to put the buyers' emails in an autoresponder sequence. Thanks, Yan
  7. Yan

    Your cash-back URL is not correct

    Hey guys, I made my first sale yesterday. When I tried to fulfill the orders, I get this "Your cash-back URL is not correct". I put both the Admitad and EPN affiliate links but I get the same message with both. Can anyone help me please? Thank you.
  8. Yan

    Facebook Pixel Problem

    Hello, my facebook ad campaign is not showing any data for my campaign. How do I know that the facebook pixel is set up properly? Do I just need to enter facebook pixel number here and that's it? Thank you.
  9. Yan

    Affiliate system

    Hello, is there any way to create an affiliate link for people wanting to sell products on my sites? Thank you.
  10. Yan

    My AlidropShip Journey

    Hey guys, Yan from France. :) I just bought the alidropship a few days ago. I'm still in the process of fleshing out my site. My goal for this thread is to serve as a journal and to share with you guys what is and what is not working. Current goal: First sale!