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    Which parts of the SR plugin are safe to use with Instagram?

    I have only been using SR plugin with facebook, because the first time I tried to set it up, I immedietely got a message from instagram saying that I had to reset my password because I had given permission to a plugin for getting likes or something like that... and they said that if I continued...
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    Am I doing something wrong? The plugin isn't posting any of my planned posts to facebook or twitter

    I just started to try and use this plugin over the weekend, I set up a month's worth of posts... I figured I should get a few in and then start my ad campaigns, but... When I look at my facebook and twitter feed, none of my scheduled posts are happening. I don't know why...
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    Is there a Pixel Plugin that works well with Alidropship?

    Or... is there a guide for installing pixel on your site? To begin, let me say I am new to this, this is my first ecommerce website, so maybe this question is really basic. But I just set up my Facebook business manager account, installed the PixelYourSite plugin, and thought it should work...
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    Which Woocommerce plugin do I install?

    So... I'm jumping in, even though I'm terrified of paypal, I've signed up for a business account, and I'm ready to go. I downloaded the plugin and went to activate and finally go live, but... I didn't realize woocommerce wasn't installed. (I paid alidropship to make the website for me, I kind...
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    Rejected by 2checkout... where to go from here?

    I'm really not sure why... I read through their policies quite thoroughly, and even gave up on a niche because it would have violated their prohibited products policy... but they rejected me based on that specific policy. When I asked them for clarification, they basically were all "we reserve...