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    Clear Import History.

    Hello, I have just came back to alidropship after about 5 years and noticed in my brand new staging site 2 imports (womens "health" toys) lol. How do I clear / remove this? I really dont want people seeing this over my shoulder as I work, the site is not related to anything like this at all.
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    Reviews being added to blog post

    Hi, Reviews are being added to blog post instead of individual products. Running latest version of plugin and theme, tried deactivate and reactivate Any ideas
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    Order Items not found

    Hi, when a customer orders on my site the order details are never passed on. I can see the order information inside my paypal account however. this also happens with test orders, nothing is being passed on
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    Abandoned Cart - HTML Issue

    Hey, trying to set up a nice attractive abandoned cart email with some basic html and having issues. After sending out a test email the template gets rewrote with lots of // before " or ' characters. Any idea how to resolve this? For example <img class="alignleft" src="/image/email.png"...