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    Just too MANY emails from Alidropship

    Just too many, it is getting really annoying. Anyone feels the same? They email almost every day, thinking this will boost their sales. But it merely ends up annoying your subscribers (and some will unsubscribe). This is borderline spam if not spam already.
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    Bought but never used for almost 2 years

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can tell me where is the Manual or Tutorial to use the the AliDropship Woo plugin? I have no idea how to use it. I bought this plugin almost 2 years ago, but have not done anything with it and merely installed it on one of my sites. This site is running WooCommerce...
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    How to cope with holidays in China?

    I am not sure if this question has been asked before, but people in China take A LOT of holidays.... Main holiday is Chinese New Year, when most of China shuts down for weeks or maybe 1 month. Other holidays like their National Day maybe shut down for days or a week. Maybe in December there may...
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    How to get paid out from Megabonus?

    Some of you may be using the Megabonus to get cashback. It was formerly called Alibonus. The problem now is when I try to cash out through Paypal, they say Paypal option is stopped. And they offer only 3 ways, like Yandex Money, Web Money WMR and Web Money WMZ, none of them look like something...
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    Fraud sales due to stolen CC info

    I think I received a fraud sale. It is a big order involving many items bought (not surprising). Paypal did not block the payment or alert me, but I suspect something fishy when I tried to email the buyer and the emails that the "customer" gave me all cannot be used (including the Paypal...
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    How to deal with multiple item orders from different suppliers?

    I received a multi item order from a customer which requires me to order from different suppliers. I just realized that the items will arrive separately and on different dates. And this may cause the customer to feel strange. Any advice on how to best handle this kind of order? Thanks