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    Problem with importing (no Attributes, Variations and Gallery photos) for suppliers with Aliexpress new product theme!

    Hello, Yesterday two of my suppliers on Aliexpress changed the theme of their products pages and when I tried to import a product from their shops, no Attributes, Variations and Gallery photos got imported. No issues when testing the import with a random supplier who did not change their page...
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    The "Sort by:" function in the Dali theme is not functioning!

    Dear, The "Sort by:" function is not working on my store and on your demo as well. Also not functioning on mobile either. Please check it and post the solution. Thanks.
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    Different Prices For Different Zones Or Countries!!??

    Dear, Is there a way -or a plugin- to add to the AliDropship Original to set up different prices for different zones or countries? I understand such a thing exist in the AliDropship Plugin for WooCommerce but not in the Original AliDropship plugin. I’m using the Free Worldwide Shipping method...
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    Are products in the shopping cart stored in the browser or in the database?

    Hello dear, I added a product to my shopping cart (not performed a full checkout) then logged in to my account from a second computer ... but the shopping cart is empty in the second computer but not in the first one! The question is: Where do you store products in the shopping cart? do you...
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    How to spice up Davinci 2.0 main menu?

    Like adding small images next to each category, or even using the Font Awesome icons. I tried using the Menu Icons and the WS Menu Icons plugins but no success... I even tried the steps on this page but no success either. Is there...