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  1. Miles

    AliDropship breaks Woo theme buy box

    Hello, I'm currently using a purchased Woo theme. However, the buy box template (add cart, wishlist, product quantity/style selection area) is not functional identical to it's advertised interface (see image) I contacted the developers of the theme and they found out that "disabling...
  2. Miles

    What is your preferred method of Returns/Exchanges plugin?

    Hi there, I'm looking into a simple and easy plugin that does returns and exchanges without the headache. Can someone shine some light into this simple, but hard to find plugin for Woo/Wordpress.
  3. Miles

    How long did it take you to setup your store from start to launch?

    Hi, I'd like to know how long did it take you to setup your store from start to launch? I'm almost there, all I have to do is some final touches on UI, bug checks in each page. It will take make me 1.5 months: started in March, launch in mid April I'll have about 20 - 25 products (includes...
  4. Miles

    Shipping to Specific Countries or Rest of World?

    For those who started dropshipping with AD, did you focus only on one country? And did you expand to other countries as you grew? I'm setting up the store and I would like some advice in how to launch the store without feeling overwhelmed, I feel it's best to focus on one country first and...
  5. Miles

    ePacket Shipping Rates with WooComm

    I'm just wondering how does this work? Let say I offer free shipping to products that do not have ePacket... it's a no brainer to have that listed as free shipping... However... What about the ones with an ePacket offer for $1.00 to ship in less than 20 days... How do I go about in...
  6. Miles

    Variations out of stock after disable/enable "manage stock"

    I'm getting products being out of stock after I untick "manage stock" under each variation color, I do not want to see customers how much stock there is the product page. When I disable and enable again, it shows that I don't have any more stock.
  7. Miles

    Selecting variable does not show picture as main image upon selection

    Hi, I'd like to know how I can select a color variable of product and make it show up as a main image on left side column of product page.
  8. Miles

    How many products did you import then launch store?

    I know it varies based on person, niche, and overall goal. I'm focusing in the clothing niche and would like to know how many products did you list then launch your store? I'll be setting up 5 categories to start importing 5 products for each category, total 25 products.
  9. Miles

    Variation Selected in Product Page, Does Not Show as Main Image Upon Selection

    Hi there, I'm using Woo theme and it's working out great. When I'm at the product page, there displays the main pictures of the product on the left side of the page. When there are variables of the product such as the color, it's in mini picture form on the right side of the page. When I select...
  10. Miles

    Product publish issues: Page not found

    Hi, I installed Aliplugin via ioncube route Imported one product to test On editing page, I get the direct URL to the product page, clicked the link, but the page not found. " Oops! That page can’t be found. Nothing was found at this location. Try searching, or check out the links below."...