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  1. ashik_cse

    Anyone facing problem For 2checkout Approved..? Send me text...

    anyone want to approved 2checkout account for your store..? send me text.
  2. ashik_cse

    Want to Sell my Kitchen Niche Store

    I want to sell my store. It's a fully completed store with 2checkout payment gateway. The website is specialized for kitchen niche - 100+ products - Unique custom logo with exclusive rights. The logo design from The flowing below premium addon added -Flatsome Theme - Alidropship...
  3. ashik_cse

    Didn't get any traffic from pinterest

    Using socialrabit plugin, but didin't get any traffic from pinterest. Even no flower in my pinterest profile. Anybody can do advaice. @Mar
  4. ashik_cse

    Want to sell my store with 2checkout payment gateway approved

    Hi, dear. I'm looking to sell my store. I started new business in my local city, i've not available time to spend my store. that's way want to sell my store. It's a fully completed store with 2checkout payment gateway. The website is specialized for kitchen niche - 100+ products - Unique...
  5. ashik_cse

    How to hide origin country showing as China..?

    Can anybody help me, how to hide origin country showing as China ........ Any help will be much appreciated .
  6. ashik_cse

    facebook add to cart & checkout event not fair

    @Mar can any body help me for, why add to cart & purchase event not fair on pixel..? check the link
  7. ashik_cse

    Cashback addon

    Hi Developer, @Mar Can possible to create wallet cashback addon..? For future customer can purchase items from his wallet. It's help us to increase sell. I just share my idea. Thanks
  8. ashik_cse

    " Bulk Discount " plugin, always auto redirect to license page

    Hi @Mar , Recently i purchased " Bulk Discounts " addons . after active the license, when i try to go " Dashboard" menu, it's always redirect to license page. check the video . I am using flatsome theme. Currently child theme is active. Note that: Never i touch parent theme any code...
  9. ashik_cse

    Abandoned Cart plugin not work

    Hi there, I've installed Abandoned Cart plugin to my store. I'm using alidropship woo version . I'm using zoho email service with my store for all of email notification and the all of email notification perfectly work. I installed Abandoned Cart plugin and try to use but it's not sent...
  10. ashik_cse

    anybody help me for woocommerce with 2checkout plugin

    I'm using alidropship woo plugin. I found this plugin for 2checkout . but the plugin only able to show credit card options not paypal. check the link . anybody know does work with it paypal..? I found...
  11. ashik_cse 404 error

    Dear All, Socialrabbit plugin problem. I'm getting problem with, when people click shorter link it's shown 404 error page. check shorter link . also check the error attached. plz. help me. thanks
  12. ashik_cse

    Shipping details hide for specific country

    I'm using aliship addon, working well. Now i want to disable shipping details for specific country . because doing dropship my own country, that's way when people select my country there shown many shipping details, that comes from addon. I want to just disable / hide shipping details for my...